Can You Guess Which Famous Rapper Dealt To Which Famous Actress

Can you guess what famous actress dealt with famous rapper Snoop Dogg? The answer may surprise you!

Feb 24, 2016

There are more California girls that chill with rapper Snoop Dogg, besides the famous singer Katy Perry. Cameron Diaz says that herself and Mr. D-O-Double G go way back. It turns out that the two of them went to high school together. However, she may have dealt with him a little differently than Perry. The star of Bad Teacher claims that she is pretty certain that Snoop sold her weed, back in the day.

“I was green even in high school!”

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Both Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg went to Long Beach Polytechnic High School. Diaz claims she remembers Snoop, she says he was tall, skinny, and wore lots of ponytails. Sounds just like the Snoop we all know and love today. Something else that hasn’t changed is his love for marijuana. Diaz admitted that she bought weed from Snoop during their high school days. The star admits that she “was even green in high school!”. She coincidentally played a pot-smoking teacher in the film

She coincidentally played a pot-smoking teacher in the film Bad Teacher. It seems her past usage of weed may of helped with her role in the movie. Today, Snoop Dogg holds a medical marijuana card due to migraines. He turns to marijuana to help with the great pain and suffering that migraines tend to cause. Though Diaz got to sample Snoop’s weed, we aren’t exactly sure if she’s been able to try his gin and juice.

A rough experience

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Though Diaz had the hookup when it came to pot, she says that school was still pretty rough. “Anytime you heard the locker slam and you’d turn and there was a girl taking off her earrings, she’s pulling her hair back in a ponytail and she’s taking all her friends’ rings and coming at you like this,” says the star. Surprisingly, Cameron says she would get into fights with boys more than girls. The star still isn’t sure why boys liked to fight her.

During her junior high years, she says that a girl once came up behind her an pulled her hair. Diaz had no problems standing up for herself, the star claims that she “shut her down”. I guess she didn’t need to do much research when she starred in Charlie’s Angels, Diaz already had the fighting skills down packed.

Some things never change

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Snoop Dogg may not have been a rapper during his high school years, but he was still the same cannabis enthusiast we know him to be today. We aren’t quite sure if Diaz still smokes pot or not, but we do know she had the best dealer imaginable. I mean, how many people can say they’ve bought weed from Snoop Dogg? It must have been some good stuff, considering he is now launching his own line of weed in Colorado. One has to wonder if Cameron will be purchasing “Leafs by Snoop” anytime soon in the near future. We shall see!

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Feb 24, 2016