Cannabis Gyms: The Next Big Thing?

The gym grows its own cannabis, and you get to help. Every time you use modified gym equipment, your workout is producing electricity being routed to an in-house grow room.

The directions cannabis can go are as varied as the imaginations of the people who smoke it. Already, with the 420 Games, famous athletes who use cannabis for health, and the growing trend of juicing raw cannabis, it seems the health and fitness community is embracing cannabis with open arms.

If you take your workout seriously, whether group yoga, heavy lifting, or just all-around fitness, you probably head to a state-of-the-art gym to maximize your results. Many gyms have smoothie bars, racketball courts, saunas, and daycare for your kids. The next improvement? Cannabis.

Walking into a canna-gym

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Walk into the health bar at the new Canna-gym, and you are greeted with all the usual drinks and supplements, but in addition, there is a whole new product line. Canna-drinks, smoothies, protein bars, and powders. There are muscle creams and salves to soothe, and a signup sheet for group canna-yoga, for a higher level of body/mind experience.

The staff ask if you want to “power-up” your membership, and show you the new cards. Now, every time you use pulley-resistance weights, cycles, ellipticals, stair masters, or other modified gym equipment, your workout is producing electricity. If you sign in on the card reader on the machine, your energy production is calculated and turned into discounts on cannabis products and services in the health bar.

It works just like Player’s Points in a casino. Why? Because your electricity is being routed to an in-house grow room. The gym grows its own cannabis, and you get to help.

How could my workout produce electricity?

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Using human power to produce electricity is not new technology, but it is getting smaller and more efficient every day. From hand-crank emergency flashlights and self-charging electric bicycles to 300-foot wind turbines, the concept of energy production is the same. Physical energy rotates a generator, producing electricity. The industry has made some giant leaps forward recently, as the creator of 5-Hour-Energy Drinks, Manoj Bhargava,  has used his wealth to help produce a ‘Free Electric’ hybrid bike. This stationary cycling machine can supply 24 hours of electricity for a rural household, with a 1-hour workout.

For small home-growers, one of these bikes could run power for your grow without a change in your electricity bill. If a series of machines like this were hooked together, along with an energy storage system, a gym could power a larger grow at little to no additional cost. Theoretically.

Hemp and cannabis: Powering the future

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New technologies in energy storage and hemp-based nanosheets are increasing the efficiency of green energy production right now. One expert on the technology said that with hemp-nanosheets, a solar panel could produce enough power in one hour to supply a house with electricity for a week! What does this mean for the cannabis industry? Savings.

Because indoor grows use lots of electricity, and right now the IRS doesn’t allow cannabis-based businesses to deduct most operating costs, the cannabis industry is hungry for energy efficient technology. These entrepreneurs have the cash flow and the incentive to invest heavily in tech that could pay for itself in a short period of time. The development of solar panels themselves is a direct result of cannabis growers funding science that would benefit their business. Look to cannabis to continue making serious impact in lots of sectors of technology, business, and life for the betterment of humanity.

Would you work out in a Canna-Gym? Would you use a ‘Free Energy’ bike to power a small home grow? Share your thoughts with us on social media  or in the comments section below.