This Is Why All Cannabis Users Should Love Bill Maher

Bill Maher talks about real issues with the progress of pot legalization in the USA… and then he does something amazing,

Feb 17, 2016

Bill Maher talks pot progress seriously progressively in this video. His entire rationale is that we should stop taking it for granted that marijuana is always going to be around given the USA’s behavior on recent laws such as abortion.

He says it’s a far way away from being a “done deal”, but that it definitely should be for all the same reasons that activists have been talking about for decades now. After being offered time and time again to join forces in the marijuana industry, Bill Maher lights up a joint on his show and talks about the progress of pot in the USA. Check out the video below.

Still no politician that says legalize it, period.

bill mayer ci 1 Worlds Most Famous Reggae Name Launches Own Weed Line
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Bill Maher makes a really valid point of the fact that there is still no politician in the USA who is just saying legalize it nationally, period. Although Obama tried, there need to be more politicians who just admit that it is much safer than alcohol and cigarettes and it is in fact tremendously good for you. Maher describes it as something like smoking a joint with Woody Harrelson – they just won’t pass it.

Gay marriage and legal pot are different

bill mayer ci 2 Worlds Most Famous Reggae Name Launches Own Weed Line
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Maher says that with gay marriage, no one stood to lose money from its being legalized, but with legal pot it is different. There are people that stand to lose money if marijuana is legalized in the USA if only because of how much money DEA agents are making among other people as long as the war on drugs continues. He just touches on the amount of money that pharmaceutical companies stood to lose if Americans started taking the healthier, safer alternative of marijuana to Oxycontin and Budweiser.

Check out the video to watch Bill Maher light up a joint after it all, a great speech on pot progress in the USA!

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Feb 17, 2016