This chef makes cannabis sushi—and other legendary meals—for pot-loving celebs

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Snoop Dogg and Tyga are among Chef Milz’s high-profile clients.

Chef Milz Cannabis Chef

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Millie Fernandez, known professionally as Chef Milz, is nothing if not full of aspirations.

She’s been personal chef to stars like Snoop Dogg and Tyga; curated pop-ups under her company name Rock Star Chefz; run food trucks; started her own edible brand; been on both Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen; and even briefly pursued a rapping career.

First and foremost, Milz is fascinated by spectacle, her voice emanating enthusiasm as she describes one of her most wild specialties: sushi platters (cannabis-infused or not) served on a human model. Like most things that Milz serves, they are customized for clients who choose whether they want their raw fish served on a scantily-dressed male or female.

But Milz isn’t just about the show. She’s also passionate about education, often incorporating tutorials on cannabis cuisine into her dinners. Alongside the nude sushi presentation, for example, she teaches customers how to roll sushi, prepare sauces, or make their own sake. The sake, like the rest of the dinner, is offered in “elevated” versions—that is, infused with cannabis. Weed foodies can choose either a THC or hemp-based CBD meal, all eaten from “the comfort of their home.”

IMG 2174 The US Military is waving cannabis use and letting medical marijuana patients serve
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Regardless of what customers order, Milz prioritizes making sure that edibles have the appropriate amount of cannabis depending on each person’s circumstances. Her meals, she says, are about fueling an intentional way to consume cannabis cuisine.

The dosage of her dishes range from one to six milligrams, depending on the client’s tolerance and preferences. (This is compared to Korova’s 150 milligram—“three dose”—chocolate chip cookie.) Milz also closes all her events with an affogato shot, which is like an espresso, and a coffee-flavored gummy with 12,000 milligrams of B-12.

“It totally balances out your body if you’ve been ingesting THC,” said Milz. “People love it. Medicating responsibly is what we want to project.”

In addition to serving “elevated food” with THC, Milz cooks up meals with CBD, a nonpsychoactive component of cannabis that’s said to help with pain relief and anxiety. She says it’s common for clients without experience consuming marijuana to hire her unaware that she even makes “elevated food.” She generally starts these people out on a CBD-only meal.

“Even if they have not had [marijuana] before, they immediately become interested in it,” she said. “I start telling them, ‘I can do low doses, I can do this, I can do that. It can help you with anxiety and stress and sleep.’ In a way, I educate my clients and they become a part of the roster of medicated cuisine customers.”

IMG 2160 The US Military is waving cannabis use and letting medical marijuana patients serve
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Often clients—which include everyone from popular rappers to high-end business people—like to organize dinner parties where Milz’s low-dose meals can be enjoyed among friends. Rockstar Chefz also serves up higher dose food for recreational marijuana events like pop-ups and food trucks. Red Eye, Milz’s line of edibles, offers jello shooters in syringes or other creative forms like miniature watermelons. The syringes are wildly popular in clubs and bars, where patrons can grab a 15 to 25 milligram THC or CBD-only shooter and get elevated on the dance floor.

Sourcing the best bud for cooking

Milz has two trusted suppliers for her edibles. Since her meals incorporate so many different kinds of cannabis, she goes to dispensaries in her area where she knows “how good the quality of the product is.” (Admittedly, she often verifies the quality herself with a simple test: smoking it.)

Clients also can request that she uses certain strains. Blue Dream is, naturally, extremely popular. Pot foodies sometimes bring their own bud from the dispensary or their personal grow too. This happens most often among clients ordering one of Chef Milz’s infused alcohols. This product line began with one of Milz’s favorite concoctions: Hennessy cognac infused with 3.5 grams of White Widow. Now, the alcohols–only available upon request–come fully customized using the client’s strain and liquor of choice.

img 2155 The US Military is waving cannabis use and letting medical marijuana patients serve
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Milz has been cooking since she was a little girl, and laughs when she says she has “always been a fan of cannabis.” Her career path, she says, just made sense for her. But in 2013, when she got her initial breaks on Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen, she wasn’t even able to openly discuss her cannabis-infused cuisine on TV. Now, she says: “I’m just blessed to be involved in this whole cannabis movement.”

Milz has grand visions for leveraging this traction. She wants her alcohol line to eventually move into supermarkets and liquor stores. She has a cannabis-infused Columbian fast food truck parked in the back of a dispensary in Las Vegas that she wants to expand into Los Angeles and other cities. But most of all, she’s set on having a brick-and-mortar restaurant. “Hopefully someday we can have McWeedie’s,” she laughs, “that’s the big dream.”

IMG 2184 The US Military is waving cannabis use and letting medical marijuana patients serve
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