HILARIOUS: College Kids Hotboxing A Parachute Get Caught By Cop…And Run For It.

The best part is that there was a college tour watching this whole situation as these college students were hotboxing a parachute…

Aug 10, 2015

Just in time for college campus tours, a large amount of college students decided to grab a parachute, gather all inside, and just start lighting up in the center of their school’s campus grounds. As you can see in the video, a decent sized tour group is just watching as college students get extremely baked and hotbox the parachute. They are setting a great example for what their school is about.

However, a police officer is aware of what’s happening and waits outside the parachute most likely thinking how he’s going to go about busting these college students. But the college students come together as they all throw open the parachute at once and make a run for it while letting all the cannabis smoke pour out of the parachute.

Keep in mind the tour group is watching all of this happening and it probably was the greatest college tour experience they will ever be a part of. Although the best part in our opinion is the one kid that begins to run for it, but goes back to either grab his piece or stash. He may have regretted that decision since it made him an easy target for the cop.

Or maybe that laugh from the cameraman was the best part of the video? Who knows. Either way, these college students hotboxing a parachute is an all-around classic and hilarious video! Watch below!


Aug 10, 2015