Dab Challenge: 25 Dabs In A Row

CustomGrow420 decided to do an awesome dab challenge for his subscriber milestone mark: 25 dabs in a row quickly. How stoned do you think he got?

Aug 19, 2015

We all love to see someone take a cannabis-related challenge, like the most recent one with Sean Evans and the Complex team. For CustomGrow420, he decided to do a dab challenge: 25 dabs in a row quickly. Go big or go home, right?

In honor of reaching 250,000 subscribers, he had 25 dabs laid out. Each dab represented 10,000 subscribers, and he had multiple rigs ready for him to consume all the dabs continuously.

Even though it does not top the biggest dab hit of all-time, it is still an awesome challenge, and one that certainly not every cannabis lover can do. Check out the challenge below!

Aug 19, 2015