Mom Finds Weird Drugs In Daughter’s Drawer And Loses Her Shit


Always remember to keep your stash hidden away from parents prying eyes.

Aug 26, 2016

Parents like to snoop in their children’s room, especially if they think their child might be doing drugs or drinking at a young age. This girl learned her lesson about keeping substances laying around her room when her mother discovers a bag full of colorful pills and prepares to bring down the hammer. Nothing is more terrifying than receiving those “get home now,” texts from parents. However, this girl wasn’t using what her mother thought, and the end result is pretty hilarious.

The setup

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Lisa Banks of Bedford, Texas came across a bag of strange looking capsules in her 16-year-old daughter Ashley’s drawer. The discovery began simple enough. While at a friend’s house, Ashley asked her mother to please retrieve an item from her bedside drawer and place it in the mailbox so she could give it her friend.

When Lisa opened the drawer, she was terrified to find a bag in her daughter’s drawer that contained a rainbow variety of what appeared to be pills, Lisa thought Ashley had begun using drugs and could be in trouble, overreacting, like most parents do. Lisa quickly snapped a photo of the baggie, to be sure Ashley could not deny their existence.

Without even giving Ashley time to explain, Lisa begins telling her daughter to come home and threatening about what will happen when her father returns home from his trip. If you’ve ever been in trouble like this, you’re well aware of that terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach that Ashley had to be feeling.

But really…

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Without even flinching, Ashley explained to her mother that the baggie did not contain pills or drugs of any kind. She told Lisa exactly what to do and explained she needed to place them into a cup of water. Confused by her daughter’s request, Lisa did as she was asked, trying to give Ashley the benefit of the doubt.

To Lisa’s surprise, once the “pills” were submerged in water, they began to expand and grow. This was nothing like she had ever seen before and still remained uncertain as to whether or not these were actual drugs. After a few minutes of soaking up water, the results became clear, as dinosaurs take the place of the suspected drugs.

After realizing the capsules contained toys, Lisa told Ashley she didn’t have to come home. Of course, Ashley couldn’t stop laughing at the hilarious discovery and that her mother reacted so strongly to the idea that she might have drugs. Lisa answered her laughter with a valid point.

Why in the Earth would you buy these? I thought you were 16 not 7?

If you ask me, Lisa should be happy her daughter bought those, proving she’s remaining young at heart, and over-the-moon ecstatic that what she found was in fact not drugs. I would love to know what the conversation was like when Ashley returned home that evening.

Perhaps Lisa will think twice now before jumping to conclusions about items found in her children’s bedroom.

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Aug 26, 2016