Relax Guys. The DEA Just Did Us A Favor (& Dug Their Own Graves)

Here’s why the DEA decision on rescheduling is not as bad as we all think. In fact, the DEA might have just done the best thing for cannabis legalization.

Aug 12, 2016

The news has finally come in. The DEA decision has been made, and they say cannabis stays right where it is, again. Activists everywhere are pounding their heads in frustration. How can they say it has no medical value? The decision is ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean they win. Here’s why the DEA just did us a solid and dug their own graves in the process.

We don’t compromise with terrorists

3 State Of Marijuana: The Most Important Cannabis Event This Year
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In states that have allowed medical access, lawmakers have rested on their laurels. Give us a small victory, and we forget about the bigger issue for a while. CBD only states like Georgia are afraid to even let medical cannabis grow there because they say it will open the door to recreational legalization.

They are absolutely right. As people face the irrational fear of a plant and see how it isn’t the monster drug the government has made it out to be for so many years, their opinions change.

If the DEA moved cannabis even to Schedule II this year, people would shout for joy and stop fighting for freedom. The legalization movement would falter for years. Instead, they gave us exactly what we needed, a slap in the face.

No one will say they did the right thing

2 1 State Of Marijuana: The Most Important Cannabis Event This Year
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Across the nation, over half the population has access to medical cannabis. The Democratic Party made cannabis law reform an official party agenda. Several states have legalization on the ballot for November. The tide has turned, and the DEA decision holds little sway.

Their track record holds too many stains: cartel funded prostitution, budget corruption, ignorant statements, and downright lies. Even D.A.R.E. removed cannabis from its gateway drug status in their educational programs.

The more people get to experience the wonderful effects of cannabis, the more they see our side, the side of reason, the side of logic. That is the real fear of the people in power. Cannabis is the symbol of their lies. If they could have lied to us about one thing so vehemently, what else are they up to?

DEA decision sees them digging their own graves

1 1 State Of Marijuana: The Most Important Cannabis Event This Year
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The DEA decision just did more to help cannabis legalization than they could possibly imagine. They just threw down the gauntlet, daring us to challenge their authority. But Americans always rise to a challenge, and we have a track record of our own. We overthrow tyranny. We fight for the little guy. We root for the underdog.

Instead of the media glossing over a gradual shift in policy, every mouth on the planet will cry their stupidity to the heavens. Even Congress, with their eyes and ears shut to the needs of the people, just felt their seats shake.

No one can deny the medical power of cannabis. For the DEA to try just let everyone know that they don’t deserve their power. This year will see more lifelong politicians lose their jobs because of prohibitionist platforms than ever.

In the end, a law enforcement agency should never have been allowed to make this decision in the first place. And they aren’t the only ones with the power to change the law. They just carry the guns to back it up. Congress, the Attorney General, and the President can all go around the DEA.

So can the FDA for that matter. Keep giving the green light to those powerful pharmaceutical companies. See what that does to the issue.

Cannabis has no medical value? Bullshit. America just got its wake-up call, and it’s about to get really noisy around here.

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Aug 12, 2016