Watch The Simpsons Destroy Donald Trump. Yes, It’s Amazing

Check out this video below to see our favorite yellow family destroy Donald Trump. Of course, the show might just be a bit biased.

Nothing fills us with joy quite like bringing the high and mighty down a peg or two. Society has questioned, mocked, and made insulting effigies of our political leaders for millennia. Mind you, in the past, that hasn’t always been a peaceful act. But today, we have a far more efficient system of lampooning leaders. Gone are the straw-stuffed caricatures. Now we simply use skits on television shows. Check out the video below to see our favorite yellow family destroy Donald Trump.

How one cartoon can destroy Donald Trump

Animators summed up an entire election worth of frustration in about 2 minutes, with the right voice actor. Who needs to slog through hours of debates and coverage? Every irksome idiosyncrasy of the man the nation fears to see in Office gets highlighted with brutal efficiency.

The hair makes for an easy blast. A gentle breeze could tackle that, but the true cut of the quiff stands to shock in this raucous reveal. And now you will never look at his hair without thinking of that dog.

A more telling lambaste

Trump gets trumped from every angle. We realize his obsessive rants on Twitter, his similarities in speeches to a certain political despot, and his already royal accommodations. All that, and we haven’t scratched the first ten seconds. The Simpsons burn his tan, his tactics, and his attitude.

Trump wants his name on the Lincoln Memorial, the disbanding of NATO, and to make Chris Christie eat a worm. He exiled Elizabeth Warren from the US and takes a crew of makeup artist and several hours just to get ready.

Noticeably biased?

Of course, the show Americans get their opinions from might just be a bit biased. The clip of Hillary Clinton barely takes a swing at her, other than ball-busting her husband. But if you know anything about Fox, then it is that the network has some strong political ties. Hillary has also been marked as inadvertently borrowed material from Hitler.

Perhaps a better scene should have been her sitting up in bed emptying her email box. Nor does the modest bedroom portray anything other than a call to identify with her as one of the masses.

In the end, the ad Marge and Homer watch spoofs Hillary’s 2008 “3am” spot from the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. Even more telling, after this election, we might agree with those who paid for the ad.

Paid for by Americans Who Are Really Starting To Miss Obama.

Did you enjoy watching the Simpsons destroy Donald Trump? Do the choices this year make you want to just throw your hands up in frustration? Who is the lesser evil? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.