Devocean: Here’s How Free Can Work For The Sea

As folks who know how to fight for a cause, some special sea creatures need our help. Devocean are helping start the conversation about conservation.

Oct 20, 2016

What gets people to fall in love with cannabis is simple. It makes you feel good. What makes people fight for cannabis reform is a bit deeper. We don’t like to see others suffer. Cannabis users today are more than just enthusiasts. We are activists. But having a passion for making the world a better place doesn’t stop with cannabis. There are a lot of other causes that need our help. One of the most important is saving endangered animals. Why? Because animals are amazing. 

The plight of the sea turtle

There are seven species of sea turtles. All but one are considered threatened or endangered. And these are just a few of the many species in the ocean who face extinction as Man alters their environment through water traffic, pollution, and even direct hunting.

Our oceans today teem with plastic and floating debris that harm many creatures who either choke or get tangled and starve to death. As key species dwindle, the delicate balance of the oceanic ecosystem starts to crumble.

Standing up for creatures great and small

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As a group of people who believe in a better world, we can’t let ourselves be absorbed by just one cause. Cannabis is great, but it is only a small part of a very big world. And the world needs our help.

How can we help the oceans? Many of us don’t even live near one, or will ever see one in our lives. But we can still make a difference. You can:

  1. Recycle your non-biodegradable trash
  2. Cut the loops on your plastic soda rings
  3. Avoid washing dangerous chemicals down the drain
  4. Avoid using toxic pesticides in your home and lawn
  5. Don’t support seafood products that use harmful fishing practices
  6. Support and spread the word about conservation efforts and organizations

How you can make a difference right now

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Want to show your love for aquatic wildlife and help the cause at the same time? Devocean is doing just that.

Stylish accessories evoke the beauty of the Big Blue and our sea turtle friends. And by wearing one, you can help start the conversation about conservation.

With pieces made from beautiful driftwood and beach glass, you can truly get a piece of the ocean to keep with you forever.

From jewelry to clothing, you can find something that makes a statement with style. But style isn’t the best reason to check out Devocean.

Devocean: Helping to save our oceans

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What makes Devocean truly wonderful is that they donate 20% of net profits to Sea Turtle Rescue and Ocean Conservation programs. Do your part and help fund the fight to save our planet and the creatures who call it home.

Even better, donate a dollar directly to Sea Turtle Research and Conservation, and Devocean will give you a free bracelet with their sea turtle charm on it.

Donate just $4 or more, and you can get all four 100% waterproof bracelets! Your donation will go directly towards the FAU Marine Research Lab and benefit their Conservation Efforts.

Check Devocean out at their website, on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, or Instagram.

Oct 20, 2016