Did you know 99% of life exists in the ocean? These facts are amazing!

Did you know that by supporting cannabis legalization you are also protecting our oceans? Check out this educational short about the great big blue.

Jun 7, 2015

It’s Worlds Ocean Day! We are more than happy to dedicate today to the incredibly vast body of water that dominates our plant.

How much do you know about the ocean? If you’re like us, probably very little, which is a bit silly given how much of our world is covered in it! A whopping 71% to be exact, containing 99% of earth’s life — makes you feel kind of small, doesn’t it?

If you support cannabis legalization, you are also supporting regulated marijuana grows, which are crucial to protecting our environment — contaminated run-off is a serious concern of unregulated grows in prohibited states.

So  legalization means protecting our oceans and preserving this incredible planet, in addition to liberating one of the most powerful plants known to mankind? We’ve got nothing to lose.

Check out this educational short chocked-full with simple but powerful facts about the great big blue.

Jun 7, 2015