Doug’s Varin: Is This High-THCV Sativa A Weight-Loss Miracle?

This sativa is a rare find, but, for many, Doug’s Varin may be the relaxed weight loss tool the world has been waiting for.

Apr 13, 2017

Cannabis breeders out there are getting smarter by the day. Over the past couple of years, a rare sativa has been a major talking point among pharmaceutical researchers, growers, and patients alike. Doug’s Varin, a Californian sativa, has impressed the industry with its striking test results. High in a coveted cannabinoid called THCV, this sativa can suppress appetite and may be beneficial for those with pain and convulsive disorders.

Strain details

Dougs Varin Strain 1 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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This is a strain that seemingly everyone wants to get their hands on. This rare bud is a bit of an anomaly, not much is known about this mysterious strain. Bred in California, Doug’s Varin is considered a pure sativa. That means you can expect some energizing, metal alertness from this bud.

The original breeder has protected their identity and has kept most information about this bud secret, for good reason. Doug’s Varin is extremely high in a special cannabinoid known as tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV).

In fact, a test from Steep Hill Labs has shown that this strain produces an impressive ratio of 5:4 THC to THCV. The results came back with 19 percent THC and 15 percent THCV.

Minus a few special breeding projects, numbers like these are unheard of in the cannabis world. At best, most strains considered high in THCV feature less than 2 percent of the psychoactive. This makes Doug’s Varin a stand-apart herb.

Like many sativas, Doug’s Varin has a delightful sweet pine and citrus aroma. While this bud may not be as aromatic as some contemporary, fruity hybrids, it has a very herbal taste and aroma with hints of sharp lemon. The base aroma for this strain is earth, making it a great choice to use in savory dishes.

The Doug’s Varin experience

Dougs Varin Strain 2 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Doug’s Varin is an appetite suppressant, which is one reason this strain is considered so valuable. While cannabis normally gives you the munchies, this bud has the opposite effect. Instead, it is considered to be mentally energizing and alert, helping you get things done without worrying about food or obsessively snacking.

While these appetite suppressant effects may seem appealing to novice and experienced consumers alike, Doug’s Varin is recommended for those well-versed in the herb. Like THC, THCV has some psychoactive properties.

In low doses, THCV may lesson the psychoactivity of THC. In high doses, however, some early research suggests that it may make the experience even more powerful.

Doug’s Varin provides a creative and focused high overall, but it tends to come on strong and hit quickly. Expect some soaring cerebral sensations and delightful sense of uplift and excitement.

A daytime bud, this strain is as energizing as a shot of espresso. Novice consumers may find that this contributes to anxiety.

Why do people use Doug’s Varin

Dougs Varin Strain 3 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Many people rely on cannabis to stimulate appetite. In fact, one study suggests that cannabis consumers eat an average of 600 calories more than their non-consuming counterparts. This does not happen with Doug’s Varin.

Those trying to lose weight or manage diabetes may find a friend in this charming bud. Those with eating disorders or seeking an appetite boost should avoid Doug’s Varin.

This strain would be a great choice for office workers who tend to over snack throughout the day. The effects of this bud are very stimulating, encouraging focus and productivity.

However, most are unlikely to find themselves daydreaming about snacks or distracted by wandering off into the kitchen.

Apr 13, 2017