The Perfect Drive Through Marijuana Prank

We love a good marijuana prank. Watch this guy pull a bag of oregano out of his to-go order with feigned disbelief. The employees’ reactions are priceless!

Jul 28, 2015

We like pranks and we like marijuana. We love this.

Watch this awesome guy sneakily drop a baggie of oregano into his to-go order while he requests additional napkins (or honey mustard, depending on the meal), and then — *gasp* — pull it out before the shocked faces in the drive-through window.

The employees’ expressions of half disbelief-half excitement do not disappoint. Our favorite might be the guy who requests to see the bag, reassuring the prankster that he’ll give it back, promising it’s not his since if it were, he might keep it, or something.

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But the best of all? Drive-through dabs, which is not a joke and is as awesome as it sounds.

Jul 28, 2015