You Have To See These Videos Of The 10 Dumbest Cops Ever

As a cop, it’s important to set a good example. However, there’s always one guy that ruins. How did these officers receive their badge in the first place?

Jun 21, 2016

No disrespect to the boys in blue, but sometimes cops can be extremely stupid. As a cop, it’s important to set a good example, however, there’s always that one guy that ruins it all. From the cop that rescued the wrong lady to the one that ran right past bank robbers, cops never seize to amaze us. One has to wonder how these officers received their badge in the first place. Here are the 10 dumbest cops ever.

1. The cop that thought he and his wife overdosed on cannabis brownies

This story is a classic and is number one on my list because everyone has heard about the cop who thought he and his wife were dead. Obviously, the officer and his wife ate one brownie too many, considering they were convinced they were dead even while speaking on the phone.

2. That awkward moment when you shoot yourself while teaching kids about gun safety

I bet the kids that were there to witness the embarrassment will never forget the day as long as they live. This DEA cop decided to teach children about gun safety and ended up shooting himself in the foot. When he attempted to show the class another gun, they told him to put it down. I think the kids knew more about gun safety than him.

3. The cop that got taken down by a gate

A SWAT team member got a little too close to the gate that they were trying to pull away and found out the hard way.

4. You’re going the wrong way officers!

These officers ran right past the bank robbers they were after and never even saw them. Great job officers, great job.

5. The officer that broke into the wrong house

Bless this officer’s heart, he was just trying to rescue the woman from her burning house. There’s just one thing missing, actual fire.

6. Um, officer, that’s not a gun!

This cop made a big mistake when he thought this guy had a gun on him. It may shoot, but you won’t find it loaded with bullets. Someone send this officer to an anatomy class.

7. Lady cop almost shoots her partner

This officer not only pointed her gun near her partner, she also almost shot her. This was definitely a face-palm moment.

8. The car that escaped from the cop

When this cop pulled over to make a routine traffic stop but forgot to put his handbrake on, causing his car to crash. I bet he won’t forget to do that again.

9. Ouch, the cop that fell off his bike

Ready, set, fail! Either the wiring was a bit off, or this cop just cannot drive. At least it wasn’t as dramatic as it could have been.

10. The police that ran into a flood

Normally when you see large amounts of water, you choose to avoid it. Not these UK cops, they decided to dive right in, literally.

What was your favorite dumb cop moment? Do you have any stupid cop run-ins that you would like to share? Let us know on social media or in the commentssection below.

Jun 21, 2016