Dutch Treat: A Relaxed Afternoon Hybrid To Ease Away Pain

Seeking a powerful yet well-rounded hybrid? Dutch Treat is a favorite among many. Pick up Dutch Treat when you’re looking for a relaxed evening flower.

Sep 13, 2017

Seeking a powerful yet well-rounded hybrid? Dutch Treat is a favorite among many. This uplifting bud produces notable mind and body effects. While most often used for pain and as a mood lifter, Dutch Treat has a calm sociable vibe that makes it an excellent flower to share among canna-savvy friends and loved ones. Pick up this strain when you’re looking for a relaxed evening flower.

Strain details

This strain may pay homage to the Netherlands, but this flower was born and bred in the Pacific Northwest. However, this strain has quickly become a popular choice in Amsterdam coffee shops. The lineage of Dutch Treat is a bit mysterious, but that hasn’t prevented this indica-dominant hybrid from winning numerous awards over the years.

Dutch Treat has a happy, relaxed, and upbeat vibe. However, new consumers may want to go slow with bud. The strain produces between 16 and 25 percent THC. In some of the highest tests, this flower has even reached up to 30 percent of the psychoactive. With levels like these, it can provide a powerful experience to even veteran cannabis consumers.

The aroma of Dutch Treat provides the first hint about the herb’s potency. This strain has a deep earthy aroma with notes of sharp pine and some sweetness. Many consumers pick up on the fruity qualities, which can sometimes express blueberry or tree fruit flavors and aromas.

The Dutch Treat experience

Dutch Treat A 1 Cannabis Oil Helped This Woman Beat Terminal Brain cancer
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Dutch Treat is the perfect example of a contemporary hybrid bud. While the high THC in this flower means that it can have some seriously potent effects, the bud offers consumers a unique blend of mind and body experience. Thoughtful and upbeat, this cultivar is a good choice for both solo smoking and social occasions.

Many find that Dutch Treat can be a bit talkative, amplifying happiness and stimulating a relaxed euphoria that makes it easy to enjoy conversation with others. However, high doses of this flower are known to be sedating and you may find yourself wishing you were at home on the sofa.

The creative nature of the strain makes this flower a solid choice for artistic types. In low doses, Dutch Treat can provide some afternoon or evening inspiration for painting, writing, crafts, music making, and more. The effects of this flower often kick in just minutes after consumption, meaning that it’s one fast-acting bud.

Why do people use Dutch Treat?

Dutch Treat A 2 Cannabis Oil Helped This Woman Beat Terminal Brain cancer
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Dutch Treat has won many an award for good reasons. Not only does this flower provide a deeply calming body high, but it’s pleasant thoughtfulness seems to put just about anyone in a good mood. This strain would be a nice choice for a low-key evening or weekend get together with friends, or might even help you finish up some long delayed hobby projects.

Medical cannabis consumers have many reasons to love Dutch Treat. The strong body sensations this strain provides makes it beloved for evening pain management. Though this flower is not always thought of as a nighttime bud, Dutch Treat can also act as a sleep aid and a potent natural sedative.

Those with mental health conditions like chronic stress, depression, and anxiety tend to appreciate low to moderate doses of Dutch Treat. Others find it helpful for eliminating mental fatigue and stimulating appetite.

Sep 13, 2017