5 Eco-Friendly Cannabis Companies You Need To Know About

The “Green Rush” may not just refer to the color of the plant after all. Fortunately, there are cannabis industry pioneers developing eco-friendly products.

Apr 22, 2017

Marijuana’s “Green Rush” may not just refer to the color of the plant after all. The growing cannabis industry will undoubtedly leave a heavy environmental footprint, and while weed may have many natural health-based benefits, agricultural logistics and distribution can have negative environmental impacts as its demand grows. Fortunately, there are several examples of cannabis industry pioneers who are developing eco-friendly ways to cultivate, deliver, package, utilize and sell weed.

1. Greenly

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Greenly is a SoCal based, medical cannabis delivery service with an eco-friendly approach.

Greenly employs as many green practices as possible. We aim to minimize pollution, while offering the highest quality delivery service to Los Angeles’ medical marijuana patients.

The company runs completely paperless internally, using digital order fulfillment and delivery processes they believe,

…maximize our positive impact on our community, our members and the planet. We are always looking to go green whenever possible.As for using recycled packaging for their products, the company says that “Being environmentally friendly is not just a choice: it’s a commitment.

2. OrganiCann (Natural Cannabis Company)

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Medical marijuana company OrganiCann became an innovator when they introduced eco-friendly, Compostable Packaging for their products.

The company created the biodegradable packaging to reduce waste in landfills. According to OrganiCann, their products will

…not only relieve you from pain but will also allow you to help save the environment.

3. The eco-friendly cannabis car

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Renew Sports Cars’ company mission is to reverse climate change by making every care on the road carbon negative by 2025. According to their website, automotive pioneer Henry Ford unveiled a near carbon neutral automobile made from and powered by plants like cannabis, back in 1953.

Renew Sports Cars sought to continue that tradition when they constructed their ‘green’ care made from ‘100 lbs of triple-plied hemp material.’ The hemp made car runs on plant-based biofuels at approximately 420 miles per tank.

Anyone who wants to know more about the Eco-Friendly Cannabis Car can look out for its documentary, which is set to appear on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO sometime in 2018.

4. Honest Marijuana

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Colorado grow facility, Honest Marijuana has a strong sense of environmental responsibility. Not only do they sell organic cannabis, but they adhere to strict environmental standards.

When you think of Honest Marijuana, think zero waste. We accomplish this by using state-of-the-art equipment, complying with all regulations, and committing to the utmost respect for our environment.

We’ve surpassed every standard set by the EPA and USDA. Our modern organic growing facility represents what we hope will be the model for responsible, eco-friendly, health-conscious cannabis farms and products around the country.

The company hopes to be the model for responsible marijuana farming across the U.S.

5. East Coast CBDs, LLC

5 Eco Friendly 5 Heres What 81 Pounds Of Seized Weed Looks Like
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Maine’s East Coast CBDs offers rare strains that are customized to suit the needs of their patients. As the majority of cannabis in the U.S. is grown along the west coast, East Coast CBDs prides itself on its own local harvest.

Everything we grow is grown in 100% organic soil and only organic fertilizers are used. We also water and feed with 100% Maine Spring water!

The company also provides certified lab test results for each product they sell. The tests verify that their products are pesticide, fungus, mildew, mold and otherwise contaminant free.

We grow all Organic and also use all Organic ingredients in all our products.

Apr 22, 2017