Taco Bell’s New Firecracker Burrito Includes Spicy Pop Rocks

If you’re not game enough to try Taco Bell’s Firecracker Burrito, here is the next best thing, which shouldn’t leave you feeling gassy.

Aug 19, 2017

Once again, Taco Bell is thinking outside the bun, testing a new dish that is designed to tickle your tongue as much as your fancy, along with bringing back memories of your childhood. Remember pop rocks? Well, Taco Bell has introduced cayenne pepper pop rocks for their new Firecracker Burrito. If you’re not game enough to try one, here is the next best thing, which shouldn’t leave you feeling gassy.

Would you eat the new Firecracker Burrito?

The latest offering from Taco Bell is the new Firecracker Burrito. The Firecracker, which is pretty unique, has a red tortilla filled with savory-seasoned beef, rice, nacho cheese sauce, red tortilla strips and reduced-fat sour cream.

But what sets it apart from other burritos is the extra condiment that comes with each Firecracker: cayenne popping crystals. Yes, the new burrito (that’s available as “Cheesy & Spicy” and just plain old “Spicy”) is designed to be consumed with a packet of the cayenne-seasoned “Pop Rocks.”

If you’re not in the mood for a Taco Bell burrito that has the cayenne popping crystals, you’ll probably still be interested in knowing how it tastes, which is why one YouTube user uploaded his review of the new Firecracker Burrito. In this video by Peep THIS Out Reviews with Ian Keiner, you’ll get to see how the burrito is presented, and just how much heat the popping crystals add.

First, you’ll learn that the Firecracker doesn’t cost too much, just a “buck-twenty-nine,” but for an extra 20 cents, you get the popping spices. As the reviewer explains, the popping crystals – “not to be confused with chopped bacon bits” – are essentially “just Pop Rocks with cayenne.” After sprinkling on the cayenne crystals, he gets the review underway, by taking a bite.

Do you reckon you’ll be heading down to one of the four California locations to test this Firecracker out?

Aug 19, 2017