Discounted Nutella causes hysteria and riots at French grocery stores

French officials have now put a legal limit on the amount of Nutella that can be purchased.

Feb 5, 2018

(Md. Tanvir Sultan Meah / EyeEm/ via Getty Images)

Madness and “bloodshed” reportedly broke out in several local grocery stores in France because Nutella was marked down by 70 percent. Some locals have dubbed the incident, which took place on Jan. 26, the “Nutella Riots.” Others called it “Brown Thursday” as a way of comparing it to America’s own barbaric battles on Black Friday. The riots were reminiscent of the news stories which come out around Thanksgiving time every year as Americans brawl over discounted beanie babies, Jordans, or plasma TVs. 

Multiple video encounters of French shoppers duking it out for their share of hazelnut goodness emerged online leaving bystanders and viewers concerned and baffled. In recent years, there have been rumors of a possible Nutella shortage which may have only added to the frantic mood. Head of consumer watchdog Obsoco, Nathalie Damery, declared the footage “sad.” 

The riots led French officials to put a legal limit on the amount of Nutella that can be purchased. The incident also occurred around the same time that a draft bill was being proposed to the council of ministers for “balanced trade relations in the food sector and for healthy and sustainable food,” according to The Telegraph. The proposals include a ban on “buy one, get one free” offers. 

Additionally, there is now an investigation taking place because of the regulations surrounding discount prices in France. And it seems to be a good call since more short-lived madness went down over diapers that were also marked down to clearance prices.

As the dust settles it looks like shoppers will have to kiss those sweet deals goodbye, but the French can find relief in the fact that the next trip to their market won’t likely be a trip to the thunder dome.

Feb 5, 2018