G-13: A Top Secret, Government-Grown Super Indica

Rumor has it, the US government invented G-13 by breeding together some of the most potent indica strains available, then it escaped the laboratory.

Nov 21, 2016

Indica fans are in for a real treat with G-13. One of the most heavy-hitting strains around, it provides consumers with an incredibly strong pain-fighting body high. Though G-13 is an incredibly popular strain, this flower’s genetics are quite mysterious. Rumor has it, G-13 is a government-grown indica that escaped the laboratory and made its way to the masses. Is this true? Who knows! But, G-13 will certainly lift your mood and provide one powerful sedative experience. 

Strain details

G 13 A 1 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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The exact genetics of G-13 are shrouded in cannabis lore. As the story goes, this indica was part of a secret cannabis breeding operation funded by the US government.

Various, high-potency indica plants were selected and crossbred. After 13 generations, the strain now known as G-13 was born.

The strain then made its way into the massive, underground cannabis market. Breeders and growers all over the US and Europe have been cultivating the strain ever since. In fact, it’s now considered one of the most powerful

In fact, it’s now considered one of the most powerful indica strains available, with a THC content that easily reaches over 20% in proper growth environments.

G-13’s scent is very pleasant. Sweet and floral, many find that this strain has light, aromatic features. However, a classic cannabis earthiness and a slight pungency are also present.

Though it expresses ample sweet, flowery, and berry aromas, the scent is not particularly discrete.

While this strain isn’t the most eye-grabbing flowers on the market, G-13 buds are pleasing to the eye none the less. Sage and forest green calyx’s and ample brown-orange hairs transform it’s dense and sticky buds into a beautiful bouquet of colors. Expect a decent coating of frosty white trichomes.

The G-13 experience

G 13 A 2 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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You’re unlikely to find yourself up late and full of energy after some G-13. This indica is incredibly potent, providing consumers with a steady and deep body high and a calm, upbeat mood. G-13 is perfect for winding down or passing time on a rainy day. But, don’t expect to get much done with this one.

You may find yourself fading in and out or ready for a nap with this strain. Even small amounts will induce a powerful and long-lasting physical experience that is sedative and relaxing. The world slows down after a few tastes of this strain.

Consumers often feel the mental uplift from G-13 as the experience revs up, yet don’t be surprised to feel sleepy or ready for some quality time resting in a warm and comfortable spot.

New cannabis consumers should be warned – this bud is powerful medicine. Those without much of a tolerance may quickly find themselves stuck on the couch or ready for bed.

Be prepared with some snacks, as this herb is well-known for inspiring a bad case of the munchies. You may not be up for a long walk, but heading to a nice restaurant or wandering into the kitchen for some tasty bites are pretty standard for the experience.

Why do people use G-13?

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Recreationally, this strain is best when saved for a time when you have nothing to do. As a potent indica, this strain is a nighttime or rainy day flower.

An excellent hangover strain, it will easily calm a painful headache or simply put you in the right mood for a relaxing recovery day.

Medical consumers can kiss pain, stress, and anxiety goodbye with just a taste or two of G-13. The deep heavy-bodied sensation provides quickly eases sore muscles and helps you forget about any uncomfortable stiffness or inflammation that previously plagued your body.

Those with insomnia or night terrors may love G-13’s ability to inspire deep and long-lasting sleep.

Drifting off is easy with G-13, making this a go-to bud for many who find themselves sleep deprived or awake at odd hours of the night.

Nov 21, 2016