You Won’t Believe How Ghostface Killah Slays Martin Shkreli

Big Pharma crook Martin Shkreli is dissed by WU TANG’s Ghostface Killah after making puns at the rapper on TMZ.

Mar 30, 2016

Martin Shkreli is a Big Pharma founder and control arm for the Turing Pharmaceutical company that produces a new medication in treating AIDS. Shkreli raised the price of the AIDS medicine, Daraprim, from $13 dollars a pill up to $750 overnight. With an overflow of money from the Shkreli hedge fund, he acts playful in his wealth through the internet, going as far as to bad mouth rapper Ghost Face Killah on TMZ after buying a one-and-only copy of a WU TANG album for $2 million. The rapper replied in a diss of Shkreli calling him out on his corporate greed.

Crooked Man trapped in a 12-year-old body

ghostface shkreli video Can You Master These 3 Awesome Smoke & Vape Tricks By 4/20?
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Ghostface Killah replied to a video of Martin Shkreli dissing him and his rapper-posse with his own video to parody Shkreli.  In it Ghost Face says “you look like a man trapped in a 12-year-old body” calling him “Peewee Shkreli” and featuring memes of him eating a hot dog in a peewee bow tie, as well as a photo of Shkreli in a suit riding a pill bottle like a cowboy rides a bull, like the bomb that drops from the sky in the film “Dr. Strange Love”.

“He doesn’t have a real bone in his body”, says Killah, “and you wanna act like we are some washed up rappers? After you bought a WU TANG album for $2 million?? But who washed up now?? Money don’t make you a man.”

Killah goes on to point out that Shkreli raised the AIDs medication by nearly 5,000% to make profits on the weak and poor. He goes on to say that Shkreli was never raised in a poor community, and probably never had to suffer under circumstances of low income and poverty, “probably eating ice cream and having sleep over with his boys’ as a kid.

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Mar 30, 2016