Go Backstage With Snoop At Canada’s Biggest Weed Grow

Check out some great photos of Snoop Dogg visiting his newest Canadian investment for his “Leafs by Snoop” line of cannabis.

Nov 12, 2016

Niagara, Canada is all too familiar with having celebrity guests visit their world-famous waterfalls. But when Snoop Dogg comes to town, it just seems obvious that he’d visit the biggest premium cannabis producer in Eastern Canada. Snoop and Tweed signed a deal in February to start the cultivation of his Leafs By Snoop line of cannabis strains for the Canadian market. Enjoy these great pictures of Snoop taking a tour of the Tweed facility.

All smiles in Tweed’s giant factory

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Signing a three-year deal with Tweed is quite a big investment, so Snoop wanted a first-hand look at the facility that will be growing his product. The pictures show how happy Snoop looks with the expansion of his brand into Canada.

A statement by the rapper further confirms his thoughts on the recent deal with the Canadian cannabis brand.

Like hip-hop, cannabis is as much a lifestyle as it is a culture. Leafs By Snoop is an expression of my experience with that culture over decades on the scene. What started for me in the ’90s in Cali now has a home in places like Colorado, where real progress is being made.

Now that Leafs By Snoop is coming to Tweed, I’ll be able to share my passion for the best cannabis on the planet with Canada.

Mutual appreciation society

And it seems that Tweed’s president is just as excited to begin working with the most famous cannabis nd it seems that Tweed’s president is just as excited to begin working with the most famous cannabis icon in the world.

At this stage in his career, Snoop is much more than an artist, entertainer and entrepreneur. He’s also one of the most trusted voices in cannabis the world over. With this partnership we’re welcoming a cannabis culture icon into the Canadian industry, and as a true partner of the Tweed team. – Mark Zekulin, president of Tweed

The guys at Tweed gave Snoop Dogg the 5* treatment when he visited their giant grow facility. Equipped with a Tweed X Leafs By Snoop overcoat, the rapper was all smiles in his photo op.

How will Tweed customers react to the newest partnership with one of the most famous cannabis enthusiast on earth? Only time will tell, but since Leafs By Snoop has been very successful in the U.S. , it’s likely that Canada will love it just as much.

And since Tweed prides itself on their ability to make popular strains even better through genetic selection, look out for a new Leafs by Snoop strain in the coming months.

Considering that Canada is set to legalize recreational cannabis in the spring, this collaboration could not have been at a better time for Tweed and Snoop.

Nov 12, 2016