You Need To Read Gooey’s New Book About Medical Cannabis

Gooey Rabinski’s new book, Understanding Medical Marijuana, seeks to convert believers in cannabis propaganda into believers in cannabis.

Jun 1, 2016

The first time journalist and author Gooey Rabinski ever smoked cannabis, it was with the son of his town’s preacher. The experience, Rabinski tells HERB, was so positive and enjoyable that it instilled in him a mistrust of anyone who sought to brand the substance as dangerous or harmful.

I could not demonize marijuana. There was just no way. So, any time I heard propaganda about cannabis being some form of evil from the  days regurgitated, I knew it was bullshit.

Rabinski has forged a career out of informing the public and setting the record straight on medical cannabis. Now, with his new book, Understanding Medical Marijuana, Rabinski seeks to go even further– to convert believers in cannabis propaganda into believers in cannabis.

The Book: Understanding Medical Marijuana

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Gooey never set out to be a journalist on the cannabis beat. He spent 20 years as a technical writer, composing content for insurance companies, defense contractors, and banks’ IT departments. Eventually, however, he found his way to cannabis journalism.

Rabinski’s 60-something page e-book takes the reader on a course through how to understand medical cannabis. He begins by posing the question, “What defines medical use?” He separates medical users into the categories of “the afflicted and the terminally ill,” distinctions that he says are imperative to understanding the motivations behind the use of the substance.

Afflicted patients may find not only relief from their condition, but possibly a cessation or reversal of their symptoms (cancer or Crohn’s disease, for example, may go into remission). Terminally ill patients, however –including the doctors prescribing them medical marijuana– typically have very different goals.

Rabinski walks the reader through the different kinds of cannabis delivery methods — a list that includes smoking, vaporization, edibles, and their use in pharmaceuticals.

Rabinski goes on to review the history of how cannabis became illegal –a chapter in our nation’s history that is likely to incense anyone who reads it– and even delves into the studies and laws surrounding medical cannabis that have been undertaken in the past thirty years.

In composing the book, he was careful to stick only to medical cannabis, saying that any focus on recreational cannabis would either “put [the readers] to sleep or it’s going to turn them off.”

Gooey on the book’s objectives

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In speaking of his objectives in composing the book, Rabinski often cites his desire to reach “Mister & Misses America” — Middle-America people for whom cannabis issues are not a focus and who may even harbor negative feelings associated with cannabis. Reaching these people, he says, is essential to moving the country’s attitudes about cannabis forward.

I want people who are not in our culture, not in our frame of thinking, to walk into that voting booth and say yes. So, instead of four states, we get twelve states, and then we get fifteen, and then wee get thirty.

The crucial way in which Rabinski set about winning hearts and minds is appealing to people’s consciences. To do that, he tells of studies in which people suffering from debilitating medical conditions –including such ailments as AIDS and cancer– were able to treat themselves using medical cannabis. These sorts of stories, he says, appeal to readers’ sympathies, making them more likely to take notice — and, hopefully, action.

I wanted to reach Mister and Misses America. Even if I only reach 17 people, if when they go into the voting booth after having done something like read my book, and they vote ‘yes’ for medical or recreational cannabis, then, done. Goal done. I’m not making Porsche money. If it changes their voting behavior, I’m for it.

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Jun 1, 2016