Got The Munchies? Then Get To D’Munchies (If You’re In Sydney)

The D’Munchies menu is decidedly catered to the cannabis crowd, offering munchie destroyers like deep-fried ravioli nachos and pretzel ice cream. Hungry?

Apr 14, 2016

If you live in or are planning to travel to Syndey soon, you have to go have a bite at a unique new restaurant. The place is called D’Munchies, and it is everything that the name implies.

A “high” class affair

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D’Munchies is the brainchild of chef and co-owner David Pyne. Pyne has been serving up mouth-watering cuisine in the bellies of Sydney and London for over 11 years, but this restaurant caters to a much more…defined clientele.

“It’s pretty obvious how the idea came about. It’s a very loud statement, but that’s sort of what we’re about. It’s for people who enjoy that, and that’s what we’re here for.”

When you enter the dining area of the new eatery, which opened on April 5th at 4:20pm (if that isn’t enough of a hint), your eyes will be treated to a towering two-meter tall, wall-to-wall mural dedicated to marijuana. Pyne didn’t specify if the staff would be uninformed in a similar style, but the menu is decidedly catered to the cannabis crowd.

Mouth-watering munchies

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With menu items like pretzel baguettes, crunchy pretzel ice cream, thick burgers loaded with brie and prosciutto, and even pepperoni pizza hot dogs, you might want to consider “loading up” before you go just to prepare for the feast of indulgent delights that are in store. There are even… wait for it… Deep. Fried. Ravioli. Nachos. Let that mental image marinate for a moment. You’re hungry already, aren’t you?

“It’s not just crazy things for the sake of it,” Pyne says. “There were a few good, crazy combinations we came up with, but whether they work in a restaurant setting is another thing. You can have a Nutella and salt-and-vinegar chips sandwich, but does it work?”

The chef expects a lot of to-go orders to come through, and the restaurant even sports a map on the wall giving patrons the most efficient route to a local “hotspot” at Camperdown Park.

An open invitation

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The restaurant’s manager, Alessandro Licata, chuckles about the whole thing. “It’s not for us to tell you to smoke or not to smoke. Many people come here and look at the mural we have … I think it’s a new thing that could be really good, and Newtown is the perfect zone for it.”

The atmosphere is one of open acceptance, and Pyne expects there to be an ability to partake nearby the establishment without fear of reprisal.

“If you want to go out and smoke a joint, you should be able to.” – Pyne

A good place to start

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Australia has one of the highest cannabis use rates in the world, and the indigenous population is even higher. While recreational use is still technically illegal, it is enjoyed by almost a third of the people there, and the prospect of legalization polls at a whopping 70%, according to both a 2011 survey by The Mercury, and a 2012 poll conducted online by the ABC television show The Drum.

Medical cannabis was passed just earlier this year on a national level. The legal focus on cannabis use for recreational purposes right now is one of harm-mitigation rather than punitive measures, meaning that actual arrests and incarcerations are much lower than many other nations.

Do you think Australia will see national recreational legalization in the next 5 years? Will it outpace other hot zones, like the UK and the US? Share your thoughts on social media or in the comments below.

Apr 14, 2016