Grandma Ate A Marijuana Cookie And Can’t Stop Laughing

What happens when a grandma gets a hold of a medical marijuana cookie? Find out. It’s hysterical, adorable, and crazy all rolled in one video!

Aug 22, 2015

What happens when a grandma accidentally gets into a medical marijuana cookie? Well, she can’t control her laughter and can’t finish her sentences for the most part. This is absolutely adorable, funny, and crazy all rolled into one!

Apparently, this grandma thought she was having a heart attack or having a stroke at first, but then learned otherwise by seeing that she can use her brain clearly. Our favorite part is when she randomly belts out singing. We give her a thumbs up!

“You can’t let this go to CBS, you know. Or ABC.” Don’t worry grandma, it’s only going to The Stoner’s Cookbook and we love this video!

Aug 22, 2015