This New Gadget Charges Your Phone With You Bare Hands

Forget waiting for the only plug in an airport terminal, or accepting that your phone is about to die – HandEnergy will charge it with your bare hands.

Jun 13, 2017

Before smartphones, most people could go days – and even weeks – without having to charge the humble cellphone. But with the new age of smartphones, which have cameras that shoot video in ultra-high-definition, your entire music and movie library saved to be enjoyed at any moment – not to mention, even maps for practically every town in the free world – it’s no surprise that that handy computer (that fits in your pocket) goes flat so quickly. Now, for those people always on the go, HandEnergy will solve the problem of not having an outlet within twenty miles.

Here’s to science

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Even though people will keep it charging while driving their car, or having it synced to their desktop while at work, it’s easy to find your phone with little to no battery life left, especially when you’re Snapchatting your adventures or just scrolling on social media.

For some, there can nothing more frustrating than having that happen, especially when you don’t have any way of charging it.

HandEnergy is a self-described “pocket electricity generator,” which you can take on your adventures, keeping not just your phone charge but also your action cams, tablets and e-readers.

The device that looks like a small ball houses a magnetic rotor, which produces an electric current that charges its own batteries when you rotate your wrist and generate motion, meaning your fidgeting can keep your other devices charged and good to go, no matter where you are.

Yeah, that’s right, even though it’s roughly the same size as a power bank (something that is more often than not flat itself), you can keep your phone – and social media platforms – going by generating power with your hands.


HandEnergy: The power is in your hands

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Just how small is the HandEnergy? It’s a shade less than three inches high, and the same in width, which is why it only weighs 14 ounces.

It was designed by a handful of enthusiasts, all with technical backgrounds – specifically in the production and maintenance of industrial electricity generators – that eventually came up with the idea to make the device so small and allow people to use it in everyday life.

Being brought (and bought) to fruition in a Kickstarter campaign, it is now to possible to have the power in your hands, as HandEnergy can be pre-ordered.

And, just like all devices, you can also accessorize your HandEnergy according to your taste. There are different design covers, in a wide range of colors, along with some limited editions, too.

Jun 13, 2017