Harambe OG Honors Everyones Favorite Gorilla


Thanks to a Colorado dispensary, the gorilla we know and love now has his own wax: Harambe OG.

Sep 20, 2016

The death of Harambe is a tragic one indeed. Not only did he leave this earth unjustly, but his death also affected the lives of many, especially cannabis enthusiasts. As a result, we lit candles, took massive bong rips, and even dabbed in his honor. Moreover, we offered our condolences in a way we know best. However, Harambe may be down, but he is certainly not out, and just so happens to be making a hell of a comeback. As a matter of fact, the gorilla we know and love now has his own wax: Harambe OG.

Harambe OG

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For the purpose of remembering a legend that touched our hearts, smokers now have Harambe OG. Indeed, Harambe now has his own form of wax for fans to toke on while reminiscing about days when he could enjoy life and help bring joy to others simply by being himself.

Natural Remedies’ extraction branch Concentrate Remedies are the creators of Harambe OG. As a result of combining the strains Gorilla Glue #4, Deadhead OG, Angel OG, Triangle Kush, and LA Kush, came dabs dedicated to a beautiful soul named Harambe.

However, the decision to devote the creation to our pal didn’t come until time to give it a name, according to lab manager Ry Prichard.

I ended up with a lot of Gorilla Glue, Deadhead OG, and a selection of other OGs. So as I came with the name, I just kept hitting the Dead Gorilla OG wall, which led me directly to Harambe.

To begin with, Prichard wanted to name the mixture of hash Harambe’s Angel. However, Harambe OG seemed a lot more simple and so that became the name. At this instant, the hash blend is sitting on the shelves at Natural Remedies, but it may not be for very long.

Dabbing for Harambe with Harambe

2 harambe og strain gorilla This Dominos Driver Delivered More Than Just Pizza
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Not only can we dab for Harambe, but now we can do them by consuming the dabs made in his honor. However, Harambe OG is only available for a short amount of time. And being that it just hit shelves last week, it’s likely to sell out fast.

In case you were wondering if Harambe has his own strain as well, he, unfortunately, doesn’t. At present, only the hash blend is available. However, who’s to say there won’t be a unique strain dedicated to our favorite gorilla angel in the future? Being that there are so many strains dedicated to various famous figures, Harambe could be next.

Meanwhile, anyone wanting to get their hands on Harambe OG can pay a visit to Natural Remedies. Although it’s only available at this downtown Denver dispensary, why not take a trip to remember your favorite former Cincinnati Zoo pal? Plus, trying a new blend is always a treat for us enthusiasts.

Sep 20, 2016