Have You Seen Jimmy Kimmel’s Mom Weed?

Mom’s need herb too, parenting is no easy task. Be sure to check out the hilarious video from Jimmy Kimmel, Mom Weed.

Apr 14, 2016

One major goal of the cannabis industry is to maintain a positive image. We also want to prove that “normal” people use marijuana. It’s time to reshape the image of marijuana users and stop labeling them as criminals or a bunch of lazy pot-heads with no ambition. Your neighbors, doctors, teachers or even your mom could be a cannabis user. That’s right, your own mother could be enjoying a toke or two in the laundry room. Moms need herb too, parenting is no easy task. Check out the hilarious video, Jimmy Kimmel “Mom Weed” below.

Mom weed

In the video, we are introduced to a busy mother. She explains that as a mother, her job is never done. So how does she get through her day without losing her mind? She relies on weed, Mom Weed to be exact. That’s right, even mothers can be cannabis users. Mothers cook, clean, change diapers, and much more. If anyone needs a hit of some dank weed, it’s them. The mom in the video mentions that these tasks are almost bearable, thanks to her ganja.

Have you ever wondered why your mom stays in the laundry room so long? Why does she always appear to be so calm? The answer to both questions could quite possibly be because of weed, my friends. The mom in the video hangs out in the laundry room and gets blazed, in order to keep her from truly losing it. Though she seems a bit crazy, a few hits from her handy dandy green bong keeps her together. So, now you know what your mom is doing while she’s hiding in the laundry room. Momma is blazing!


What did you think of “Mom Weed”? Do you think a lot more mothers could benefit from marijuana? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Apr 14, 2016