Get this heart-shaped box of weed for the ultimate sex on Valentine’s Day

Studies show that the more weed you smoke, the more sex you have. Confirm that research this Valentine’s day with the ultimate stoner-sex care package.

Feb 8, 2018
MJN Express valentines day box

Photo courtesy of MJN Express via Youtube

Forget a boring box of chocolates. This Valentine’s Day, give your significant other something they’ll actually want– a months worth of weed and a toe-curling orgasm.

Last year, cannabis enthusiasts came correct with a weed bouquet. Now there is a heart-shaped box full of weed that will sweep you and the one you love off your feet via the ultimate body buzz. MJN Express, a cannabis delivery company in Canada, has created a limited edition Valentine’s Day box called the Love Buds Box.

For $269.00 you can purchase the box that includes 12 individual strains of a Sativa sample pack, two THC 150mg Lollipops, two THC Gold Seal Cherry Edibles, THC infused lube by Miss Envy and THC infused massage oil. It is well known that cannabis can heighten feelings of arousal and in some cases, drastically improve sex. Earlier this year, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that marijuana use increases sex drive. While cannabis has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, today more and more Americans are using it to augment their own sex lives. The study found that those who used cannabis had 20 percent more sex. The study also pointed out that there seemed to be a positive correlation between increased cannabis consumption and increased intercourse.

That being said, this Valentine’s day is the perfect time to confirm the Stanford University study’s findings. The Love Buds Box. includes all the ingredients for the ultimate stoner sex. In order to get the goods customers need to go through MJN Express. MJN is a membership only weed delivery service only available in Canada.

If the price seems steep, or shipping isn’t available in your area, then it’s time to get creative and make your own at home Valentine’s Day weed box. Just head to your local dispensary, or call up your neighborhood dealer. We have already composed a list of the best arousal strains to set the mood.

Feb 8, 2018