High-Class Purse Just Became Marijuana Friendly

This high-class purse comes with plenty of handy compartments, but most importantly it will completely mask the smell of weed.

Dec 13, 2015

The latest product on the market for women wanting to keep their secrets in style is a purse specifically designed to mask the smell of weed. For all the stoned women out there that prefer to keep high fashion, you no longer have to compromise your fashion with your marijuana use

This purse will come with plenty of handy compartments and features, most importantly being that it will mask the smell of marijuana. Food preparation technology has enabled AnnaBis, the creator of the product, to hide the smell of your weed inside a high fashion handbag.

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The creator of this latest marijuana accessory is AnnaBis, a company dedicated to marijuana and high fashion women. AnnaBis has created the “potbag” in honor of high-class women that love to get high. Their vision is to move past the vision of “baggies” and into a stylish way to travel with your weed.

Basically, if you are quite the fashionista, and want to take your weed to parties without the risk of smelling like weed, this product is designed for you. This handbag for your weed is a way to take your little personal ritual everywhere with you on your journey.

All of the handbags created by AnnaBis are crafted with the finest materials. Made with fine leathers and intricate jacquard interiors, this product is definitely not designed for stoned university students who can buy the latest cannabis accessory. AnnaBis makes top of the range products, marketed towards the high rollers of the stoner community.

The “Potbag”
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What keeps this bag from smelling like weed is its odor-blocking technology. The material applied to the interior lining of the bag is a resin that is used for food preparation or medical technology. It completely blocks odors, which means you can store your weed and pipe in your bag and be worry free about the smell.

The purse will come completely equipped with all the necessary compartments of a handbag, including a dedicated place for anything between eye drops, mints and pipes. It contains pockets for storing all kinds of smoking paraphernalia, including rolling papers so that they can be safely stored without getting crumpled.

The collection contains products that range anywhere from $120 to $300, depending on the size of the purse you are looking to stash your weed in.

Non-stigmatized weed transport
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Well, even if you are not a high fashion woman wanting to carry your weed in style, you still do not deserve to be stigmatized. With medical marijuana available in at least half of the USA, and recreational marijuana legal in four states, there are more and more people in possession of marijuana.

Despite the fact that marijuana legalization is spreading, there is still a large stigma attached to it. In many states it is illegal, and even in those where it has been legalized there are still Americans who carry a stigma towards using marijuana. But that doesn´t mean that you should stop carrying around your weed, or that you should have to store it in an unstylish baggie. Now a high fashion woman wanting to transport her weed from party to party without being suspected of being a stoner can do that!

Dec 13, 2015