The High Guys: Cake Decorating Challenge

Buzzfeed’s High Guys take on a new challenge this week, and the stakes are higher than ever.

Jun 13, 2016

Buzzfeed’s web series, “The High Guys,” follows a group of four cannabis enthusiasts, as they take on different challenges after indulging in everyone’s favorite herb. In this new video, the group visits Cake and Art in Los Angeles, to try their hands at the tumultuous task of cake decorating.

High standards

As the group piles into the kitchen, preparing to decorate their pre-iced cakes, we’re informed this isn’t just any old cake challenge – these works of art will actually be part of someone’s wedding. The bride, Ritza Calixte, doesn’t want the standard three-tier cake at her celebration. No, she strives for something more unique, positive the High Guys will deliver spectacular results.

The High Guys display an epic reaction to the news, as they’re told in just one hour the finished products will be judged by a panel, which includes the bride. Some of them begin to shout and question why anyone would trust their wedding cake in the hands of this group.

Oh, good, the rest of somebodys’ lives are in my hands…Have you ever seen what stoned people make for food? They make: “oh, this is what I have.’”  Michael Glazer

Decorating skills

After the group discuss Ritza’s vision for her cake, which should include colors like coral and mint, with slight throws to the NBA for her soon-to-be hubby, members set out to bring her wishes to life.

At first I head underwater basketball, but then Beta Fish came through loud and clear. If you choose a Beta Fish for your wedding cake, you obviously love your space, so they’re going to each have their own cake. – Emma Kennedy

While discussing ideas, Ritza makes it known that both her fiancés’ and her own culture’s play an important role in their lives and also in their ceremony.

My stoned mind imagined this beautiful cake that was this combination of Haitian culture and everything we love about Boston exploding in a metaphor – I also realized I don’t know how to make any of that. – Chris Reinacher

As the clock dwindles down, The High Guys begin to scramble to perfect their masterpiece cakes. Emma is hilarious, and clearly in a thick daze, as she makes a snap decision to redo her entire cake with just moments to spare, positive that this confection isn’t fit for any kind of celebration.

In the end, Chris dominates the competition, thoughtfully combining aspects of the couple’s individual lives to represent their pending union.

Boy had talent and I got to give it up. They liked his, uh, whatever it was. – Brandon Brickz

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Jun 13, 2016