The High Guys Meet Their Idol, Snoop Dogg

Buzzfeed’s High Guys get the surprise of their lives when they meet Snoop Dogg.

Oct 25, 2016

Everyone has grown to love the Buzzfeed High Guys. The hilarious gang produces a series of videos of them accomplishing spectacular feats, like catching Pokémon, while under the influence of their favorite herb. In their latest video, the guys were given the surprise of a lifetime, when they finally got to the meet, and smoke, with the Dogg Father himself.

Preparing the High Guys

Emma Kennedy, Brandon Brickz and Mike Glazer stand blindfolded, patiently waiting for some surprise they’re all skeptical of. Jessica Rothe and Scout Durwood, the stars of Snoop Dogg’s new MTV’S show, Mary + Jane, introduce the group to the beloved cannabis icon and announce a blunt rolling contest is about to ensue.

Before bringing the High Guys in on the secret, Snoop Dogg prepares a few blunts for the group and begins puffing away, ensuring the group will smell the cannabis before they see their surprise. Brandon doesn’t disappoint with his reaction, while still being blindfolded.

I trust weed. Where is the weed?

The High Guys are handed blunts, and soon, no longer care that they’re blindfolded and unaware of their surroundings. Emma is passed a blunt by Snoop himself, which she graciously takes and hits without even knowing who handed it to her.

The reveal

The best reaction comes from Emma; her mouth hangs open in amazement, as she begins to realize they are in the presence of greatness and that he passed her a blunt.

Starstruck, Mike Glazer is unsure of how to react and simply states one thing to Snoop.

You’re very cool.

Snoop goes on to explain how the group has been brought together be part of the annual Snoop Dogg Blunt Rolling Contest. Each contestant will receive two grams of bubble gum kush and a swisher, with the expectation of rolling a perfect blunt in under three minutes. Judging from their expressions, the group is more than happy to take part in such an epic activity.

When asked about how the guys feel to have Snoop smoking their blunt, Brandon responds the way we all would.

I mean, you know, it’s an honor cause really, it’s just chilling and being as cool as he is, is really a blessing. That’s what it is, man, this is an honor.

Of course, in the end, Team Snoop and Emma dominate the Snoop-judged competition, gaining an above perfect score of 100.235.

Oct 25, 2016