Have You Seen The New HBO Teaser For ‘High Maintenance’?

‘High Maintenance’ have been waiting for months to catch a sneak peek of the revamped show and can finally breathe easy. It’s still genius.

Jul 7, 2016

The popular web series High Maintenance is coming to HBO and we couldn’t be more excited. The series follows “The Guy,” a cannabis dealer just trying to make his rounds through Brooklyn, New York, always attempting to stay under the radar and never revealing his true name, even to viewers. Fans who have been waiting for months to catch a sneak peek of the revamped show can breathe easy. The teaser trailer is finally here.

High Maintenance: The beginning

The husband and wife duo of Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld are the masterminds behind High Maintenance. In 2012, the comedic couple began the web series, thinking their idea might reach a few dozen people. Four years later and this series has gained a cult following.

Perpetuated by the clientele seen on the show, the story line follows The Guy and his trials as a drug dealer, but his off-the-wall, quirky customers are what keep viewers coming back episode after episode. Each week, a new group of

Each week, a new group of cannabis connoisseurs are introduced, each with their own bizarre backstory and reasoning for purchasing pot. All these crazy customers become intertwined by the same thing – the Guy and his, seemingly never dry, cannabis supply.

HBO brings it to life

At the Writers Guild Awards last February, High Maintenance took home the award for “Short Form New Media.” After securing such a pristine award, HBO’s interests were sparked. A new deal was formed to include the web series on the network’s mainstream cable channel, as well as HBO GO, so all subscribers have the chance to experience the web-series-gone-pro.

The new High Maintenance episodes will premiere this fall on HBO, but fans can catch up on the original 19 videos on a pay-per-episode basis from their original host Vimeo. In the months to come, all episode will be available on HBO GO, for those with a subscription.

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Jul 7, 2016