Hikea: These Guys Drop Acid & Build Ikea Furniture (It’s Hilarious)

Assembling furniture from a box is hard enough. But building it while tripping on acid or shrooms? Welcome to Hikea.

Aug 14, 2016

If you laughed your butt off at Deadpool’s rant about Ikea furniture, you are going to love this new YouTube channel, Hikea Productions. They aren’t blind, but these builders definitely can’t see straight. For the makers of the documentary web series Hikea, they took a universally frustrating ordeal and added drugs for our amusement.


What was the thinking behind this unusual idea? The channel states,

Building Ikea furniture is hard. Building it under the influence is much, much harder. But it’s something many of us have experienced. It’s a struggle that’s nearly universal. This series adds a degree of difficulty to a familiar challenge as we document the experiences of regular people – high on drugs like LSD or magic mushrooms – attempting to build well-priced furniture.

Each episode introduces a new drug, new characters, a new Ikea puzzle. And we get to witness the highs and lows of these brave souls as they embark on the nearly impossible.

Are you ready?

The first episode features a combination of Giancarlo, Nicole, and LSD. From my experience, building furniture is the last thing you want to accomplish on acid, but you can enjoy some herb and laugh at their attempts. This dresser doesn’t build itself, and no one else manages to either.

Episode 2 pits Kieth against a desk and a bag of shrooms. If you find the ordeal half as funny as he does, then you will love it.

Now the biggest excitement for us will come when they let cannabis challengers content. Not only will we finish in record time, we will probably have it painted, too. Be on the lookout.

Why Ikea?

Ikea seems to enjoy well-meaning humor at its expense. For the Deadpool movie, the only stipulation they had was that the actors only use names of actual Ikea products. In this series, Keith finds out that the channel chose Ikea for the play on words as much as the challenge.

I have to hand it to them, it’s catchy. And who hasn’t ended up feeling like they have a screw loose after trying to assemble these things?

Have you ever tried to assemble furniture while under the influence? How many parts did you have left over? Share your sagas with us on social media or in the comment below.

Aug 14, 2016