Hilarious: Housekeeper Accidentally Eats 25mg Weed Gummies

If you have ever gone on vacation with a group of your good friends, you know that you likely come home with some new stories to tell, and this one takes the cake.

Nov 16, 2015

If you have ever gone on vacation with a group of your good friends, you know that you likely come home exhausted but equipped with some new stories to tell. Recently I went on a trip with 7 of my close friends to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Coming from Denver, we are all spoiled by easy access to high-quality marijuana and edibles. So, knowing that we would have no access to the type of marijuana we have become accustomed to, we brought a bag of medicated gummy bears along for the ride.

Welcome to Mexico
housekeeper mexico Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
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The 8 of us landed in Mexico, cleared customs, and trickled out of the airport to find our shuttle driver. The driver was instructed to take us to the home we rented for the week—all of us equipped with complimentary Pacifico beers for the ride, the party began.

After about 45 minutes, we arrived at our house that was nestled right above Pacific Ocean beaches. The door to the house swings open, and our housekeeper Annette came out to greet us.

What a pleasant surprise for us, we were not expecting to have someone greet us at the home, and when she told us that she would be there all week to clean and maintain order, our eyes lit up.

Annette gave some of us a tour of the house while the others were busy making margaritas and putting on their swimsuits. The house was amazing, swimming pools, hot tubs, great views, no television or internet—the perfect escape from reality.

Vamos a Fiesta
housekeeper bar Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
Photo credit: Cabo San Lucas

The first night, much of our group was exhausted so they hit the sack early. However, my friend who we call Little Bill, his girlfriend, and I decided to call a cab to take to the party central of Cabo for a night on the town. The 3 of us get dropped at the marina and immediately are swarmed by street vendors. I am not in the mood to buy bracelets or handicrafts yet, so I sternly decline the sales pitches of the army of children tasked with selling these trinkets.

Just before I stepped into the Nowhere Bar for my first night of dancing, I was stopped by an older gentleman who offered me “Marihuanaaaaaa”.  He said something like, “ hey guy I’ve got purple haze, the chronic, the best weed from here to Colorado”. I knew better, the stuff he was pushing had more weight in seeds than it did in consumable marijuana. Guess what… we bought it anyhow. I thought of it as a write-off, you know, doing field research for my writing.

We got the ganja, tucked it away for later, and hit the club. After about 5 hours of dancing and drinking ALL the tequila, we spilled back onto the streets and grabbed a cab back to the house.

Time to Smoke
taking over joint Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
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Safely back in the house, we begin dissecting the bag of weed that we brought home with us. After 15 minutes we removed enough of the stems and seeds from the weed to roll a proper joint.

We head out to the porch, pass the thing around, and wonder out loud “is this even weed”? We sat and continued to drown our sorrows in shots of tequila and then I remembered the bag of gummies stashed in my bedroom.

I retrieved the bag and distributed 2 bears to Little Bill and his princess. About 20 minutes later we were actually high in Mexico. Time for bed guys. I go to my room, and place the bag of bears on my nightstand. I tell the bears to sleep tight, and turn off the light—day two is going to be huge!

Sweet Tooth

housekeeper gummies Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana

The next morning, I woke up feeling unusually fresh, so I climbed the stairs to the kitchen to find Annette cleaning the counters. Annette greeted me with enthusiasm an we began chatting. She told me that she was 52 years old and had lived in Mexico her entire life. While this conversation was going on, Annette was snacking on a little green bag of gummies called “Panditas” that closely resembled gummy bears. I asked her about them and she told me that she had a sweet tooth and especially loved gummy candies. She shared a few with me, then I ate breakfast and headed to the beach.

Solo Tres
housekeeper lady Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
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When we returned to the house several hours later, we found Annette standing alone in the kitchen starring out the window. I asked her in English if everything was ok, and she shook her head no. I could tell she was frightened by something, but couldn’t determine what. I asked in Spanish if she would like to sit down, and she obliged. On her way to the chair, she stumbled and fell into the chair. Now I knew something was really not ok.

I asked her if she felt sick and she described feeling lost and confused. I asked her if she ate anything and she said yes, but wouldn’t say what. At this point, I knew what was wrong. I asked her is she ate anything in my room and she shook her head yes. I asked her if she ate bears, and she told me Panditas. Uh oh, Annette had found my stash during the day, and she definitely snagged a few gummies. After talking to her for a while, she admitted to eating “solo tres” (just three) of the 25mg gummies because she had never seen the colors included in my batch.

I was relieved to know that she had only eaten 3 of the bears, but I could tell that she was freaking out about what was happening in her head. She was high. We helped Annette to the couch and let her take a nap. We headed up to the rooftop deck of our house to continue the party, while Annette tried to sleep it off.

We might have been upstairs for about 20 minutes before we heard a giant splash below us. We each peered over the edge of the porch to see Annette splashing around in the pool—she was fully clothed.

Keep it Together

Getting Annette out of the pool was not a huge deal. She was laughing and had finally embraced her high, but she told us that she called her husband to come pick her up to take her home. We had to convince her to put her clothes in the dryer so she wouldn’t go home soaking wet. She was having the time of her life.

Her husband arrived, we told him what was going on, had a laugh and sent Annette on her way home. Crisis averted.

Time to Go Home
housekeeper flight Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
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During the rest of the vacation, I spoke with Annette about the medical qualities of marijuana and that what she had ingested, for some, is a medicine. On the last day of the trip Annette confided in me that she has an awful migraine headache problem, and that she takes prescription medicine for it every day. She then told me that since the day she ate the gummies, she had not experienced one migraine. She clearly believed the medicated gummies were the reason.

When she told me this, I immediately went to my packed bags, and fished out the remaining gummies. I offered them to Annette and she refused, but after a short discussion she eventually accepted the bag of bears from me. I instructed her to eat much less than she did the first time, and reassured her that she wouldn’t freak out again.

Moral of the story

Keep your edibles in a safe place, but keep an open mind about the opportunity to share the magical qualities of marijuana with the world.


Nov 16, 2015