'Hot Summer Nights' Is Slated To Be An Instant Stoner Classic

‘Hot Summer Nights’ is slated to be an instant stoner classic

It comes to theaters on July 27th. 

Apr 17, 2018 - Zack Kotzer

Photo courtesy A24 Via Youtube

'Hot Summer Nights' Is Slated To Be An Instant Stoner Classic

Photo courtesy A24 Via Youtube

Timothée Chalamet’s breakout role in Call Me By Your Name landed him an Oscar nomination and thousands upon thousands of mispronunciations of what is otherwise a fairly common first name. But audiences agreed: folks like seeing this kid in the throws of a life-changing summer. This time instead of being swept off his feet by an older archeology grad student, Chalamet will be discovering a newfound and escalating love for weed.

Set in 1991, the summer of Hurricane Bob, Hot Summer Nights sees Chalamet as David, a boy sent upstate to Cape Cod by his mother to break out of his shell over the summer. He picks up a seasonal job at a gas station, sparks up a summer romance (It Follows star Maika Monroe), but more importantly becomes close friends with Hunter (Alex Roe), a co-worker and part-time drug dealer.

In Hot Summer Nights, David discovers he not only enjoys smoking pot, he enjoys making money off it as well. Evolving into the Walter White of his world, David pressures Hunter to pick up his game, orchestrating a more sophisticated and efficient drug operation. It all catches the attention of the local law enforcement, tangled up with one cop (played by previous Punisher Thomas Jane) who Hunter happens to be seeing the daughter of. David has found himself a more social environment to bloom in but is perhaps taking things overboard.

Hot Summer Nights is a debut work from writer and director Elijah Bynum. Bynum’s script was picked up off the Black List, a database of promising but unproduced scripts.  

“There’s just something about being a teenager,” said Bynum in an interview. “All the Cape Cod stuff is completely fictional, but Daniel and Hunter, and the drug dealing narrative were based off two kids in college. All the rest was stuff we came up with afterward, but it was all framed around this very interesting, kind of romantically tragic rise and fall of a drug empire and a friendship that rose very quickly and fell very quickly. It took place in real life for over a year, but we condensed it down into three months.”

Hot Summer Nights comes to theaters July 27th. 

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