10 Iconic Album Covers Recreated Using “Game Of Thrones” Characters

With the seventh season done, it’s going to be a long wait until the next, but these parody album covers will have you smiling.

Sep 10, 2017

Just like other fans of Games of Thrones, Steven Lear was looking for a way to celebrate his love for the show, when the last season screened its final episode. The digital artist did so by creating mash-ups between the world of Westeros and some of the most iconic of album covers. Here are ten of the best, but be sure to check the rest on Instagram.

1. She was born to rule

2. The stark side

3. So…

4. Physical Graffiti

5. Hey! Ho!

6. Taylor who?

7. He *hound* love

8. A stark contrast

9. Where are her dragons?

10. They’re closer than most siblings

Sep 10, 2017