Here’s How You Get The Dankest Discount Deals On Your Weed

The most wonderful aspect of legalization comes in the form of those magic words, “sale”. Here’s why deals on dank are bringing in the bacon.

Sep 16, 2016

Companies and consumers alike realized the power of a discount a long time ago. The idea of saving money by choosing one brand over another seems simple enough. Coming out of a Recession, we have all adopted that penny-pinching mentality. It only makes sense for cannabis businesses that want to stay on top to offer those same incentives. The result is savings passed on to us! And the more money we save, the more we have to spend on new strains and products! Here are some of the ways you get more green for your greenbacks.

Special status discounts

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Most businesses will offer discounts for local residents, military service or other special statuses. These are great for those who fit the bill but limit who benefits. However, they are good to know, if you happen to be able to take advantage.

Any discount on herb bears inspection. If you can qualify for a discount, why not? Most companies offer some form of these basic appreciation programs: military, police, firefighters, and paramedics.

Of course, the best discount remains medical pricing versus recreational, what with that extra taxation on non-medical users.

Loyalty programs

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Many dispensaries now offer customer rewards programs, whereby punch cards or scannable cards accumulate points.

These points earn them discounts or free items. While these are great for repeat customers, they don’t help out new or one-time visitors.

On the upside, if you find a dispensary that offers these programs, go for it. Never turn down free weed. In the search for a regular place to shop, this should be a prerequisite.


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The greatest gift to savvy shoppers, coupons offer the best way to save right off the bat, no matter who you are.

When looking for a new place to buy your bud, or just trying to make the most of your budget, coupons can make or break your decision. Before you even visit a dispensary, the first appeal is a deal, and coupons offer some of the best.

Even better, weed coupons can earn you free gifts with purchases, samples, or slashed prices on items other than herb. And because new coupons are always coming out, you always have a new option to look forward to.

Typical examples of dispensary discounts include free joints when you spend $30 or more, or percentages off ounces of particular strains.

Find all your discounts and coupons in one place

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Forget rummaging through newspapers and visiting hundreds of websites trying to save money. To get the best marijuana deals, both on money and time, go where the all the savings come together.

At Leafbuyer, not only can you find the nearest dispensary, you can find the cheapest. They have the latest prices and menus, deals and discounts on every place and every product you can imagine.

The one website you absolutely have to check before you go out the door, it has the locations, hours, and specials you need to know.

Finding a deal on dank has never been easier. Go to, or follow them on Facebook for the latest deals, along with special contests, alerts, and information on the latest news.

Do you search for deals before heading out the door? How much have you saved on one trip? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

Sep 16, 2016