INHALE MARY: A Pastor On Cannabis And Christ

This pastor gives strong points on following religion and Christ. According to him, cannabis and Christ is not the bad combination many think it is.

Nov 3, 2015
Marijuana and religion

A Christian pastor gives an eye-opening sermon on cannabis. Breaking the “marijuana is a sin” stigma, he explains how many children in his special needs ministries are medicating with cannabis oils that happen to be saving their lives.

The pastor gives strong points on following religion and following Christ, apparently Jesus never said consuming marijuana makes you a bad person, and it’s the religion aspect that frowns upon anything other than the “high” you get from Christ.

It’s safe to say, too much of anything could ultimately be bad for you, but the fact that cannabis has so many medicinal benefits, it’s difficult to classify it as a “sin” or a bad thing when dealing with religion.

As the pastor states, there are many devout Christians and good people in general who consume cannabis, whether it be for medicinal purposes, or recreational use, nobody should feel ashamed or be judged as a bad person for what they chose to consume.

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Nov 3, 2015