Is The ‘Green Rush’ About To Flood The World?

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Many states are legalizing and even the federal government may see some legislation very shortly. Countries around the world are doing the same. The planet is coming to its senses and the green rush is coming!

Christopher Teague
Dec 23, 2015

Many states are in the process of legalization, and even the federal government may see some legislation very shortly. Countries around the world are doing the same. The planet is coming to its senses. Is a ‘green rush’ about to flood the world?

What would it mean for the people?

green rush drink Is The Green Rush About To Flood The World?
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A healthier alternative to alcohol or illicit means of recreational substance intake, cannabis will soon rival alcohol in the decades to come. We will see cannabis skyrocket past alcohol, since it can be infused in virtually anything. Many in the legal market now have said that the future of Cannabis is not in super strains, but in low dose tinctures and edibles. Like Guarana, caffeine, and St. John’s Wort, which all give us energy and improve mood, feeling good, not stoned, will be the renewed cannabis tag line.

As the customer base widens to more accurately represent a full spectrum of our society, the social stigmas will melt, like a lozenge in your throat. Within our lifetimes, our children will look back on Prohibition like the Holocaust: something horrific and unthinkable in their enlightened times.

Because it increases empathy, domestic violence rates will decrease, as will impaired car fatalities, homicide rates, and violent crime.

What would it mean for the economy?

green rush money Is The Green Rush About To Flood The World?
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An entire new industry, and it’s secondary and related businesses will provide millions of new jobs, and a huge increase in tax revenues. Medical care, law enforcement, and prison industry costs will plummet, allowing governments to better manage their funds (hopefully). With its ability to be used as food, fuel, textile, medicine, and so much more, it will cause ripples of power shifts across dozens of markets.

What would it mean for the environment?

green rush history Is The Green Rush About To Flood The World?
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Cannabis is most efficiently grown outdoors, but due to its legal status has been grown indoors in many areas. With the high cost of electricity, growers are at the forefront of the movement for cheaper, renewable energy. The driving factor of cost has also spurred growers to pioneer and perfect grow methods that can be applied to community farming and food production.

The farming of hemp, the industrial strain of Cannabis, was a staple of the American economy in its inception, and will be once again. Its agricultural impact is much smaller than that of cotton, the world’s most widespread natural fiber. Producing more fiber per acre with less water, hemp will ease the burden on our natural resources. It requires less pesticides than cotton, which will reduce pollution of water tables.

Its durability will mean less need to replace cloth made with it. Hempcrete building material will mean less expensive heating and cooling costs. Hemp paper production can reduce deforestation. Growing hemp in fields puts nutrients back in the soil for crops. Hemp acts as a carbon sink, sucking carbon out of the atmosphere, reducing pollution.

Imagine A Scene:

green rush cannoil Is The Green Rush About To Flood The World?
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You wake up in the morning, and crawl out of your comfortable, soft sheets. A quick shower, with a conditioner for your hair, and a warm fluffy towel to dry off. Then a quick shave, and some aftershave, cologne, and hair product. Don’t forget to take your multi-vitamins, and mood enhancers for that positive go-getter attitude you want to help handle the stress of the job. You put on your suit and tie, socks and shoes.

In the kitchen, you put some organic spread on toast, and enjoy a quick power shake. Then you read the paper, and sip a coffee. Feeling great, you go to the garage and get in your new car, and notice with a smile that it still doesn’t need to have more fuel.

You leave your house and head to work, where everyone is happy and productive. You notice the wind turbine balloon above the building is decorated with the new company logo, and the solar panels on the roof are being cleaned.

On break, you eat lunch with the guys, and sit on the benches at the park. There is a vibrant wall mural that makes you smile as you puff on your vape pen. You friend Bill is back to work after winning a brief fight with cancer, and he always brings the best food.

Guess What?

Here is a list of the products and services from the above example that can be made from cannabis/hemp, or benefits from the existence of the cannabis/hemp industry.

Bed. Bed sheets. Hair conditioner. Hair product. Shave cream. Aftershave moisturizer. Cologne. Towel. Clothes. Shoes. Toast spread. Power shake. Mood enhancer. Newspaper. Coffee. House. Garage. Car. Car fuel. Wind turbine. Solar panels. Lunch. Park benches. Paint on wall mural. Wall. Vape oil. Bill’s cancer cure….

The Green Rush is coming…

Christopher Teague
Dec 23, 2015