Island Sweet Skunk: The Sativa That Gives A Perfect Workday Boost

Searching for a strain that will boost your productivity? Look no further than the friendly yet strong Island Sweet Skunk.

Jun 25, 2017

The Island Sweet Skunk strain is a tropical sativa delight. Friendly yet strong, this flower provides a relaxed daytime experience. Many consumers pick up this bud for improved focus, mental energy, and perhaps even as an alternative to a morning cup of coffee. While this flower can cause paranoia in large doses, Island Sweet Skunk provides a chill and lucid vibe overall.

Strain details

Born and raised in Canada, Island Sweet Skunk is a lovable sweet-scented sativa hybrid. An offspring of the more famous Skunk No.1, Island Sweet Skunk is a calming strain that provides a gentle mental stimulation. Island Sweet Skunk is less energetic than a pure sativa, though this flower is still an excellent choice for an easy morning or daytime smoke.

Like it’s Skunk No. 1 mother, Island Sweet Skunk can get quite potent. This flower frequently tests with between 16 and 25 percent THC. Samples reaching over 22 percent will likely be potent even to regular cannabis consumers. However, those with moderate experience with the herb can get away with microdosing and taking it slow with this intoxicating flower.

The aroma of Island Sweet Skunk is what really seals the deal for many consumers. As the name suggests, this plucky strain features a sweet yet pungent and slightly acidic aroma. The musky fragrance of this bud is reminiscent of the tropics, sending both your nose and your taste buds on a momentary vacation. A strong base of earthiness makes the taste and scent even more appealing.

The Island Sweet Skunk experience

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Considered an 80 percent sativa-dominant hybrid, Island Sweet Skunk can give you some get-up-and-go. However, this flower can also contain high levels of a musk-scented terpene called myrcene, which is also found in mangoes.

Recent research suggests that myrcene is at least in part responsible for the sedative effects of some cannabis strains. This terpene has muscle relaxant properties and also can increase the ability for THC to reach the brain.

That means that while thus bud may have an exotic, tropical aroma, it will also provide a strong psychoactive experience. The strain is not considered to be sedative like indica strains, but the terpenes in this bud indicate that it does provide some body relaxation and a sense of calmness and ease.

While some may find this strain to be a good replacement for a morning cup of coffee, it tends to promote a calm focus and lucidity rather than a speedy head high. Most of this strain’s effects are concentrated in the head. Yet, it still provides a strong enough body experience to ease pain and provide relief from physical stress.

Why do people use Island Sweet Skunk?

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Having trouble concentrating? Island Sweet Skunk is known to improve focus. This strain is a great choice for those hoping to get things done. If you find your work schedule is a little too packed for comfort, Island Sweet Skunk can calm the mind and help you accomplish your to-do list. This flower also makes for a great recreational strain, providing a happy euphoric buzz all around.

Medical cannabis patients often pick up Island Sweet Skunk for relief from ailments like chronic fatigue and depression. Those with ADD and ADHD may also find this strain helpful. Island Sweet Skunk tends to provide a strong experience without being too overpowering or over the top. Headache and migraine sufferers may also want to consider this flower.

Jun 25, 2017