Skunk #1 Strain

Skunk No. 1 has parented many hybrids since it’s arrival in the 1970s. Though slightly indica-dominant, this strain provides a balanced experience complete with giggles and plenty of physical relaxation.

Skunk #1 is one of the earliest established commercial cannabis strains. Since its debut in the 1970s, Skunk #1 has gone on to parent many of today’s popular hybrids, including Lemon Skunk, Shiva Skunk, and UK Cheese. Over the decades, there have been many renditions of Skunk #1. The effects of the strain vary depending on the phenotype and unique genetic lineage of each individual plants. Here’s the scoop on this famous and easygoing hybrid.

Skunk #1 Experience

Get ready to chill out. Skunk #1 can be powerful and perhaps a little hazy at times, but overall consumers report that this flower creates a happy and upbeat kind of vibe that seems perfect for just about any occasion.

If you’re hoping to catch a quick nap, this mellow herb can help you drift off. If you’re ready to be out and about with friends, the strain is silly and upbeat, livening daytime activities.

Many find that the strain offers a grounded and heavy-bodied sensation. Yet, this physical relief is accompanied by a joyous and dreamy cerebral experience. Many find that this flower can improve focus and concentration, inspiring creativity while promoting a positive and mellow sense of well-being.

Having some snacks handy may be helpful after a little Skunk #1. This strain can cause some dry mouth, so bringing a water bottle along when out on the town with this bud is recommended. While a delightful daytime strain, this flower may be a little too low-key for a morning session.

If anything, this strain is slightly Indica-dominant. Many marijuana fans prefer to save this strain for the evening when it’s time to wind down after a stressful day. This happy Hybrid is also an excellent choice for social gatherings. Silly in nature, giggle fits are not uncommon after a few tastes of this herb. This strain’s THC content tends to run moderate to high. On average, you can expect between 15 and 20% of the psychoactive in this strain.


Traits of Skunk #1 and Skunk #1 Seeds

A cross between Acapulco Gold, Afghani, and Colombian Gold, the lineage of this strain takes you back to the glory days of the 1970s. Many report that Skunk #1 is also a 50/50 hybrid with upbeat and perhaps slightly energizing effects. At this point, the Skunk line has changed significantly over four decades of hybridization. Still, this hybrid is often one of the most recognized strains on the shelf.

Boasting up to 19 percent THC, this is considered a potent cannabis strain. While this flower may not reach the 30 percent THC levels found in some new cultivars like Chiquita Banana, Skunk #1 can certainly provide a powerful cannabis experience. In higher doses, this strain can cause dizziness and paranoia. Yet, experienced cannabis consumers may find that it provides a happy, relaxed, and upbeat kind of high.

Cannabis enthusiasts will know they’ve got a skunk from its potent, signature scent. A surprisingly pleasant musky sourness hits your nose first, yet a mindful marijuana consumer may notice hints of sweetness, citrus, and pine. When lit, this strain reveals its strong earthy and woody tastes. Some marijuana fans will taste sweet and sour flavors that can cause some coughing. Cannabis consumers will notice the tightly packed buds this plant produces and also appreciate Skunk #1’s quick flowering time, around 8 to 9 weeks.


Medical Benefits of Skunk #1

The balanced effects of Skunk #1 make it useful for a wide variety of medical conditions. Medical cannabis patients often pick up the strain for a variety of ailments, the most common of which chronic stress.

  • The Afghani heritage amps up the pain-fighting qualities of this strain
  • Muscle tension and general body aches melt away with a little skunk
  • An expansive and upbeat mental high eases depression and anxiety
  • Some medical marijuana patients have even found it useful for inflammatory conditions like glaucoma, arthritis, and asthma
September 20, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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September 20, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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