1,000 Seizures A Day To 30: How Cannabis Oil Gave Life To This Toddler

Since beginning CBD oil, Josie Mathes’s seizures have dropped from up to 1,000 a day to 30. Her family is fighting for medical cannabis to help other kids.

Apr 1, 2017

At just two months old, Josie Mathes began having seizures. About a month later, she was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms, a magnified form of childhood epilepsy, and was suffering up to 1,000 seizures a day. After being prescribed seven medications, all of which failed to help, Josie’s mother decided to seek out another kind of treatment: cannabis.

Tennessee family turns to CBD oil to help their three-year-old daughter

Tennessee Family Fights 1 7 New Ways Cannabis Will Dominate Your Wellness Regime
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The family is now fighting for medical cannabis to help not just their 3-year-old daughter, but also the other children in Tennessee with multiple conditions.

At just two months old, Josie was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms, a more intense form of childhood epilepsy. Not only did her condition keep her from developing properly, but so did her seven different medications that her doctor prescribed her.

Since none of the medications seemed to be working, Stacie, her mother, became worried,

Her little body was already addicted to the medications she was on. She had withdrawals, agitation, her appetite decreased.

As she began to witness her daughter’s condition worsening, she grew desperate. So, she decided to seek out a different form of treatment: cannabis.

When doctors give you no hope and a prognosis of a few years, you will seek a treatment that is safe and natural – cannabis is that.

After researching CBD oil and its many benefits, the Tennessee family started giving it to their daughter. It took some time to take effect, but when it did, the results were amazing,

 She smiled and giggled for the first time in her life. She cried – it’s like she never had emotions.

Josie laid as though she was a baby doll in a catatonic state. We actually began meeting her for the first time.

Now, Josie only has about 30 seizures a day. Before starting the CBD oil, she had anywhere from 500 to 1,000 a day.

Faison’s Bill

Tennessee Family Fights 2 7 New Ways Cannabis Will Dominate Your Wellness Regime
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Currently, Tennessee’s law only allows up to .9 percent CBD. For this reason, the Mathes family is working to introduce a bill for medical cannabis in the state legislature.

Jeremy Faison is among the few Tennessee congressmen working with the Mathes family. If passed, Faison’s bill will allow two different things.

First, residents will be able to obtain a medical marijuana card from their doctors if their condition qualifies them to do so. Then, they will have the option of picking up their weed product at a Tennessee dispensary. The product will also be made in the state.

I see the good in that plant. There are some very sick people and little kids in Tennessee who this would help.

The bill failed to be approved by the Tennessee Senate. As a result, Faison’s took it off the committee,

(People who disagree with the bill) don’t believe it – they just think it is a snake hole and will bring a bunch of potheads into the state.

They also don’t like that the federal government is still against it.

But over the summer, there will be a task force meeting to discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of the bill. Faison and the Mathes family will continue pushing for it up until the next election.

Apr 1, 2017