Kingston Woman Charged For Attacking Roommate With A Bong

Canadian Woman Charged For Attacking Her Roommate With A Bong

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

May 20, 2018 - Zack Kotzer

Photo by Kingston Police via Twitter

Kingston Woman Charged For Attacking Roommate With A Bong

Photo by Kingston Police via Twitter

There has yet to be anyone killed by marijuana, though it seems the young people of Kingston, Ontario are going to keep testing that theory through reinterpretation. A woman was arrested and charged after giving her roommate a hit from the bong in the entirely wrong way.

Kingston police made one arrest this week after an argument involving three roommates escalated to the point of violence. Last Sunday morning, the 19-year-old was having a dispute with one roommate when a third, the one who would be struck, attempted to control the situation. The attacker retreated to the washroom and retrieved a ‘large bong,’ which she then smashed against her roommate’s head. The victim was taken to the hospital to treat her injuries, while the bong attacker was arrested and charged with assault with a weapon. Police also decided to charge her with possession of cocaine.

This specific kind of violence is, unfortunately, becoming a trend in Kingston. Just last month, two different teenagers were arrested for a two-day string of violence, assaults on other kids. The first was an assault with a baseball bat in an alleyway. The second was in a garage, their friend was invited over to smoke when revelations about the previous attack started a fight. The two smashed bongs over the victim’s head and then attempted to strangle him with a t-shirt. They were arrested for attempted murder, two counts of assault and robbery. Det. Sgt. Jay Finn of the Kingston police believes the incidents were drug-related, beyond just the weaponized paraphernalia. 

These kids need a good long sit down. Bongs are for smoking. They are not for attacking people. You’d think this would be clear enough and, alas, here we are.

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