The Force Is Strong In This Levitating Death Star Speaker

This amazing new speaker not only looks like the Death Star from Star Wars, but it also levitates and gives 360-degree sound.

Mar 3, 2017

Let’s face it: everyone loves Star Wars. Those who don’t just haven’t seen it yet, is all, having yet to come to terms that the Wars are all powerful, just like the Force and the Death Star. But which Death Star? Take your mind off the first one that destroyed Princess Leia’s home planet and take a look at the one that levitates in your office and lets you listen to the Imperial March and Cypress Hill.

The Death Star speaker is a thing now

Yeah, that’s right, you can now command your own fully armed and operational battle station. Well, it’s not really a battle station, but it could be at your battle station (AKA workstation) or your campsite.

This Bluetooth speaker system from Hellosy not only looks like the Death Star from Star Wars, but it also levitates and gives 360-degree sound, which could distract you from work even more than your favorite tunes.

It won’t just be the diehard fans that want this, either, as the scaled replica – yes, it’s scaled, ‘cause even the shooting miniature would be too much for most homes – can be taken and used at almost any place you want. From the balcony to the beach, you can take it with you and create the party.

The rechargeable battery that powers the speaker but also allows the Death Star to levitate can last up to eight hours of “playtime”, which might be longer than the phone, tablet or Bluetooth device that you pair with, which can also be done with handy voice prompts.

Who knows, the battery might last longer than your high, but not if you choose the right strain, ‘cause some are stronger with the Force than others.

If your party lasts into the night, you’ll then witness the Death Star Floating Sound System glow, another feature that the Empire forgot to mention in the orientation video.

Just be aware that this Death Star is not only destroyed by rogue proton torpedo to an exhaust shaft, since, just like most electronic wizardry, the salt and sand can break it.

For around $400, you’ll get the charger, charging cradle and USB charging cable, along with never-ending fun times watching the Death Star levitate in your presence.

Mar 3, 2017