What Life Is Like When People Think You’re Always High

A funny example of how the world sees you when everybody thinks you’re high!

Mar 3, 2016

More often than not, people think you’re always high because you are in fact, always high. The kind of conversations and amusements that weed smokers like to entertain in are very particular to the stoner crowd. However, every now and then there is one always seems high but doesn’t actually smoke weed.

Watch the video below, it’s more or less a perfect example how the world perceives you when people think you’re always high.

They like to talk about fruit

1 always high cat tomato These People Cried When High And The Reasons Are Hilarious
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Well, according to this video, people definitely think you’re high if you’re always talking about fruits and vegetables. Especially when comparing them, and what actually makes them different. It is most definitely a stoner habit to compare the behavior of fruits, vegetables and other plants to human behavior, and wondering what it would be like to switch consciousness with a plant for a day.

And they’re always happy…

2 always high pizzas smoke These People Cried When High And The Reasons Are Hilarious
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This is a basic example of how happy high people are… all the time. People that act like they are always high always stop to admire cute little fluffy toys, contemplate the purpose of life from the perspective of a fruit and enjoy sharing a pizza with friends. It seems like the kind of people that are always high are the kind you really want to keep around!

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Mar 3, 2016