We Can’t Stop Listening To This Fire Tune From Lorine Chia, The Game & Wiz Khalifa

The official song of Summer 2016 is here. Have you heard it yet? We’re obsessed!

Jun 1, 2016 - Dee Giznik

The song of Summer 2016 has officially dropped and we can’t get enough. With a catchy hook and subject based on our favorite topic, “Two Blunts” is sure to be heard bumping across the globe in the months to come.

Lorine Chia, The Game and Wiz Khalifa teamed up to deliver one of the best hip hop songs of 2016 thus far. With her fourth EP set to release this summer, Lorine Chia held nothing back when it came time to create this memorable record. With the help from the two rap heavyweights, “Two Blunts” was born, offering sweet music for our ears and an inspiring song to catch a buzz to.

Proving herself

Epic Tune From Lorine Chia 1 A Touch Of Glass #25: Ladys Choice
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Lorine Chia might not be a familiar name to some, but when you’ve proven yourself to the likes of Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, and The Game, it’s certainly only a matter of time until she becomes a household name.

Born in Cameroon, Africa, Chia first hit the scene in 2012 after relocating to Los Angeles. Her debut album titled, “Lorine,” caught the attention of Complex Magazine, which likened Chia’s voice to that of Amy Winehouse.

After gaining the attention of Complex Magazine – Pigeons and Planes, Billboard and The 405 all followed suit endorsing Chia’s freshman album. She knew the second album had to blow the first one away, and it did just that, delivering tracks where Chia sang, played guitar and played the keyboard.

After being crowned Coca-Cola’s “Artist of the Week” is 2013, Chia’s career took off, gaining support from Wall Street Journal, The Fader, Essence and Interview Magazine.

For her third album, “ONOMATOPOIEC,” Chia landed a collaboration with Young Jeezy, titled “Sweet Life.” As her success continues to flourish, listeners can expect her fourth EP, featuring our new favorite song “Two Blunts,” is going to continue to top her previous records.

Where can you hear Lorine Chia?

Epic Tune From Lorine Chia 2 A Touch Of Glass #25: Ladys Choice
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Sound Cloud plays host to much of Lorine Chia’s music. If you’re unfamiliar with Sound Cloud, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just click play below and “Two Blunts” will grace ear drums with the elegant voice of Lorine Chia, raspy tones from The Game and quick verses spit by one of hip hop’s biggest cannabis lovers, Mr. Wiz Khalifa.

This summer is sure to be filled with great music, but we’re pretty sure this one is going to the top of the charts in no time flat. The catchy song offers a smooth, steady beat, perfect to listen to while hot boxing in the car or while enjoying a nice, relaxing smoke at home. One thing is for sure, while playing the song, always have two blunts on hand.

What do you think of Lorine Chia’s new song “Two Blunts?” Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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