If You Love Weed, Chances Are You’re Great In Bed

You might want to make cannabis use a dating prerequisite as a new survey confirms people who love weed make the best lovers.

Searching for that special someone can be an arduous task. There are certain traits we all seek in someone we want to be intimate with. Caring, compassion, selflessness… and cannabis use? While some people might put that in the automatic disqualification category, you might want to consider it a plus.

Marijuana and morality

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My420Mate.com performed a survey of 25% of their entire site’s registered users, across all age ranges. The aim was to gauge the moral relationship meter of its users in the field of relationships. Miguel A. Lozano, co-founder of the site, said the survey:

…Sheds some new light on the attitudes of weed smokers.


…Counters stereotypes that define cannabis smokers as ‘lazy misfits’.

Society has placed some far from accurate images out there. Getting a measure of what we are really like is a great step.

Survey says…

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The survey consisted of only 4 yes or no questions. The sheer numbers are interesting.

98% of the 1,245 members said they were against cheating, even if they knew they could get away with it.

In an era where infidelity seems so prevalent as to almost be normal, cannabis users know a good thing when they have it. It could also factor in that finding someone who accepts not only you but your preferred recreational substance is a hard thing to come by.


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When it comes to honesty, cannabis users do pretty well, according to the numbers.

99.2% of respondents said they would return a lost wallet with $100 in it to the owner.

Now that kind of honesty deserves a reward… like maybe a second date? That number is far higher than when the same question is posed to non-cannabis partaking dating site users. Those surveys find averages of 60-85%.

We aim to please

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Cannabis users definitely have what it takes to make great lovers. According to the survey:

77.8% of respondents said that their partner’s orgasm is more important than their own.

That’s right, cannabis users care, over and over again. If you want someone to have the passion and consideration to put your needs before their own, then grab a guy who gets high. Better yet, get high with him. The only thing better than a partner who wants to make you feel amazing is if that peak lasts and lasts. Cannabis is widely hailed for its amorous intensity. 15-minute orgasms? That is a thing.

On the subject of breakups

smokers make the best lovers 5 All In The Mind #5: Cannabis And Bipolar Disorder
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Now there was a question that had a pretty big split down the middle. When asked if it was okay to break up with someone via email or text message, 49% said yes. This might seem a little rough, but it is a growing phenomenon. This question might be mostly decided by the age of the respondents, as this tends to be a younger generation trend.

On the other hand, cannabis does give one the propensity to avoid conflict, and a yelling, crying ex can really kill a buzz. Maybe it just makes for a cleaner break. At least you would avoid that awkward public scene in a restaurant. This might still be considered a plus in that regard.

Do you prefer to date someone who also enjoys the herb, or does it matter? Tell us on social media or in the comments  below.