Man Surrounded By Doritos Calls 911 For Getting “Too High”

We’ve all been there – you smoke or eat a little bit too much, and you are in too deep. So what does this guy decide to do? Call 911 For Getting “Too High”

Oct 13, 2015

We’ve all been there – you smoke or eat a little bit too much, and before you know it you are in too deep. Your head starts spinning, you’re nauseous and you begin entering a different reality.

This is exactly what happened to a 22-year old Ohio man last week. But this guy called 911 to get help. Emergency responders received a strange call to tell them that he was “too high” on marijuana. He told the 911 operators that he “could not feel anything”.

Police arrived at his home to find the man lying on the floor, in fetal position, surrounded by bags of Doritos, Chips Ahoy and Goldfish crackers. At least he had all his munchie essentials covered…

doritos feature Marijuana And Modern Day Religion. Is It A Sin?

Once the police arrived, the man, despite claiming he could not feel his hands, refused medical treatment. Instead, he gave the cops the keys to his car, in which they search and found his glass pipe, rolling papers and a jar of marijuana, which they confiscated.

The man is currently under investigation for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Yikes!

So, what can we learn from this young man? Well first off, don’t call 911 on yourself. Especially if you are living in a state where cannabis is illegal. Keep in mind, there is no way to overdose on marijuana. You will come down from the high, it won’t last forever and just breathe through it.

But what do you do if you get too high?

doritos high Marijuana And Modern Day Religion. Is It A Sin?

  1. Drink some water
    Some say drinking plenty of water may help flush the marijuana out of your system.
  2. Take ibuprofen
    Recently it’s been shown that ibuprofen hits the same receptors in the brain as THC, but acts as an anti-THC. It takes about 30 minutes to kick in but it will have you feeling noticeably less high.
  3. Exercise
    This may be tough if you are too high already, but if you can try some exercise to speed up your metabolism. It is known to lower the half-life of any substance.
  4. Fresh-squeezed lemon
    The terpenes in lemons modulate the effects of THC on brain. Mix some fresh squeezed lemonade and include some of the peel, where the active terpene limonene is.
  5. Black pepper
    Black pepper contains lots of beta-caryophyllene, another terpene that is also found in weed. It can tame THC’s effect in the same way limonene does; it affects cannabinoid receptors as well.
  6. Some other tips:
    If you can get outside, go for a walk to help clear your head. Take a nap, to try and sleep off the high.

How to avoid getting too high:
  • It’s obvious, know your limits. Don’t try to keep up with the crowd.
  • Don’t smoke on an empty stomach
  • Don’t drink too much when smoking
  • Be safe. If you’re trying a new strain or way of consuming, take it slow.
  • Wait at least 45-60 mins before you eat that other brownie


There is a lesson to be learned by our friend in Ohio. Well, the first is obvious; don’t call the police on yourself. But secondly and more importantly, be a knowledgeable and aware cannabis user.

What are your suggestions for someone who is too high? Let us know on social media.

Oct 13, 2015