Why Women Are Choosing Careers In Cannabis Industry

Ladies are set to dominate the marijuana market, as female-driven cannabis organizations and businesses continue to develop throughout legalized states.

Mar 27, 2016

As the marijuana market continues to grow, earning an estimated $3.4 billion in 2015 alone, women aren’t taking a backseat to the action. Leaving financially-secure corporate careers to become pioneers of the cannabis industry might seem reckless to some. However, with a rise in opportunities for new businesses, women are hitting the ground running and staking their claim on a piece of the already male-dominate, multi-billion dollar medical and recreational cannabis market.

Marijuana restrictions and regulations can be tricky to understand, making the market even harder to break into. With the help of some innovative organizations, women are being given the tools to help take control of the fastest growing stream of revenue in states with legalization laws. Beyond opening dispensaries and cultivation facilities, women are empowering other women in the ways of marijuana trade by ensuring a working knowledge of the rules, helping to create a female-dominate cannabis market.

Empowerment to grow

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Residents of California will get to vote in November, choosing whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana. With overwhelming support expected, Californians are preparing for the new gold rush. Ladies, especially, are learning the details of the cannabis market, thanks in part to Women Grow, an organization geared towards connecting and empowering women in the marijuana market.

With so many confusing laws surrounding the cannabis industry, Women Grow works to educated and inform newcomers, so evolving businesses can begin to flourish without fear of prosecution. In addition to dispensing knowledge, Women Grow provides members an ever-expanding network of like-minded female professionals, who are all trying to accomplish the same goal: succeed in the marijuana market.

Guys, don’t worry; Women Grow doesn’t discriminate. Men are welcome to join the group, too, and many find it gives them a unique perspective on the difficulties women face every day.

Tireless efforts

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Juggling work, kids, cleaning and cooking is enough to drive any mom a little mad. On top of all that, trying to start a new business, in a new industry, sounds damn near impossible. Andrea Unsworth, owner of California-based company, Stashtwist, understands the hectic schedules faced by women who are trying to balance a professional and personal life.

“You know, I am typically working 13 to 14 hours a day,” Unsworth said. “So, with having three children, there are trade-offs.”

Unsworth, who has a MBA in finance, left a secure job at Moody’s Investor Services to begin working for herself. Stashtwist is a women-operated delivery dispensary, located in East Bay. Offering a wide variety of different products, everything from vape pens to cannabutter to THC-infused peach gummies, Unsworth has built a company that truly dispenses medical marijuana in all forms, making Stashtwist one of the leading delivery services in the Bay area.

According to Women Grow, 40% of the marijuana market is already dominated by women. With help from businesses and organizations like these, there’s no limit to what women can achieve in the cannabis industry. It’s important for ladies to capture part of this emerging revenue stream; take the time to get educated on the marijuana market and gain the empowerment to begin successful, herbal-based companies in every state with legalization laws.

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Mar 27, 2016