Meet The Boy Who Pushed Medical Marijuana in New York

Listen to Missy Miller tell us the story of how her severely disabled 14-year-old son Oliver spurred medical marijuana legalization in New York. Powerful!

Jul 19, 2015

Missy Miller’s son Oliver is the 14-year-old whose severe disability spurred medical marijuana legalization in New York.

In this segment, we get to meet Missy and Oliver, who is still visibly suffering from seizures (he actually has one during the interview). The obvious strength Missy has in not only caring for her son, but also fighting politics in order to do so, is undeniably inspiring.

Oliver is not alone in his fight — many other cases like his are popping up across the country, sparking a widespread push for medical marijuana and serving as the primary factor behind the urgency for policy change.

Listen to Missy tell us the story about how she worked tirelessly for access to medicinal marijuana that would help treat her son’s debilitating condition.

Jul 19, 2015